Lightning in the dark sky

Protecting your Business from Lightning in South Africa

Before lightning strikes an object, it is referred to as being a “step leader”. This stepped leader is almost invisible and has a low current of about 200 amps. It reaches from the charge centre in the cloud towards its mirror image with the strike moving from one cloud to another, then towards earth. 

This step leader travels on an average of 50 metres in a microsecond, pauses for 49 microseconds then jumps, often branching out from the original step leader to numerous jumps. Read the rest

modified sine wave inverters

Explaining Modified Sine Wave Inverters

Pure sine wave inverters and modified sine wave inverters convert 12V DC from batteries into AC (alternating current) power available from wall outlets 

Producing a modified sine wave is a far simpler process than creating a pure sine wave, which boils down to a modified sine wave inverter being a lot cheaper. The trade-off is that some electronics just don’t work properly or may even be damaged if they are not powered by a pure sine wave. Read the rest

Pine Sine Inverters under a shade

Explaining Pure Sine Wave Inverters

It is time to think about pure sine wave inverters when you require efficiency. A pure sine wave inverter offers two things – these include the powering of devices effectively by using alternating current input without having to correct it first and offering power to devices that experience interference (radios are a perfect example). 

It is essential to know that there are real differences between sine wave inverters and modified sine wave inverters as this will avoid confusion and problems arising. Read the rest

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Energy Conservation in the Workplace

One of the most important things when running a business is to ensure that you juggle the costs successfully as these will impact on your bottom line. Saving costs on energy is certainly something that has an impact on your business costs. 

Saving energy is the responsibility of everyone in the office. Employees need to make their contributions wherever they can to assist in making a dent in energy bills. Read the rest


Explaining Victron Inverters

Inverters are devices that convert electricity from direct current (DC) into AC, which is alternating current. With the correct transformers, AC can be any voltage. Inverters extract power from batteries to supply devices when the power goes out. 

In most instances, car batteries and marine batteries can supply enough power for up to an hour even when engines are switched off. Read the rest

Hand on the switch

Prevention Against Direct Lightning Surges

Lightning is nature’s power unleashed that can cause untold damage, and although it is a global occurrence, it is not equally distributed geographically. 

There are, however, numerous preventative measures that can be taken to avoid damage, especially to sensitive and costly electronic equipment in the work environment. 

The important of lightning protection cannot be stressed sufficiently as it needs to protect against disruptive and destructive results. Read the rest

hand holding an electric cable

5 Ways To Protect Your Business From Lightning Surges

At PHD we have come up with numerous surge protection options for your business that will ensure your electronics and other devices are protected during debilitating lightning strikes we are subjected to in South Africa. 

Five smart things you can do to ensure your electronics are taken care of during surges 

  • The PHD Surge Adapter is a Multi-Plug “Loop Through” device which is also a surge protector – this is an all-in-one device which can easily be configured in a workspace environment (it comes in a Loop Chain pattern) 


  • The PHD Telephone and Mains Surge Protection Unit is great when protecting any electronics that are connected to your telephone configuration in the workplace 


  • The DB Board Surge Protector is essential for the profitability of your business which plays an important role in the competence and dependability of numerous technologically advanced electronic devices in the office environment.
Read the rest