Solar Batteries A.K.A Deep Cycle Batteries

Fully Sealed Solar Batteries Available

Deep Solar Cycle Batteries play a crucial role in renewable energy solutions. Solar Batteries are batteries that are necessary for the function of certain types of solar panel systems. Deep Cycle Batteries are also known as Solar Batteries.

Deep cycle solar battery Deep cycle battery Sealed unit solar battery

For those of you who don’t know what Deep Solar Cycle Batteries are and how they work; Solar Batteries are batteries necessary for the function of certain types of solar panel systems. Deep Cycle Batteries are also known as Solar Batteries which play a crucial role in stand-alone renewable energy systems.

If you require a battery to operate a solar panel, wind or even a hydro-electric system secured to your utility grid, you will need a Solar Battery – this is especially pertinent when there is a power outage and could prove to be particularly handy with the copious amounts of load shedding that we are being faced with.

Explaining Solar Batteries:

  • Solar Batteries will provide the energy to your renewable energy system, unlike car batteries.
  • Solar Batteries are meant to be discharged and cycled constantly.
  • For batteries to enjoy longevity most manufactures recommend that the depth of discharged of these batteries is limited to 20% – in other words the Solar Batteries will be at 80% capacity or more.
  • It is important that the batteries are not discharged below 50% Depth of Discharge.
  • Inverters usually have Low Voltage Disconnect features that will disconnect loads at certain points.
  • Low Voltage alarms can also be installed.
  • To maintain your battery, Ammeters, Voltmeters as well as Battery Monitors all play an integral role in upholding the health of your Deep Cycle Batteries, and the complete power system as a whole.

Solar Batteries come in different weights:

  • For those not familiar with Solar Batteries, these come in a broad range of weights and sizes.
  • These are either small or very large, although the general rule of thumb is that the size of the Deep Cycle Battery should correspond with the amp hours of storage.
  • Solar Batteries are connected by using Battery Interconnect Cables, in series, parallel, or a combination of these all depending upon your system voltage and the storage capacity you need.

The design of the battery:

  • They have been designed with thicker lead plates.
  • The batteries have a reduced amount of overall surface capacity; less than thinner SLI batteries.
  • Because of the condensed availability of surface area for chemical reactions, Deep Cycle Batteries are able to produce a smaller amount of current than an SLI battery.
  • Deep Cell Batteries are able to produce current for longer periods of time.

For more information about our range of solar batteries and the role they play in renewable energy, contact us to find out how you too, will be able to benefit.

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