Can Solar Power Help Solve the South African Energy Crisis?

South Africa is struggling under power crises such as load shedding, overloaded power utilities, and wet coal. Could solar power be the answer?

Load shedding has become part and parcel of South Africa’s way of life. What is the solution to the power utility crisis? More and more South Africans are finding alternative ways of powering their world with alternate access to electricity. Read the rest

4 Smart Ways to Keep Your Business Going During Load Shedding

The most efficient method for keeping abreast of load shedding in South Africa is to know your schedule. Being forewarned is being forearmed.

1. Get to Know Your Schedule.

Go one step smarter and get schedules of other areas in South Africa if you are a business owner. There are many user-friendly apps that are available to assist. Find out about load shedding from areas where you get your deliveries or stock and always be on top of your game. Read the rest


What Backup Power Solutions Can Power My TV, Kettle, and Other Devices?

Ever tried to plug a kettle into a UPS and have the power cut off? Find out what your UPS can and can’t handle in a South African household.

Will All My Appliances Work 100% Off My UPS Unit?

The quick answer to this pressing question is yes. You can work most of your appliances off your uninterrupted power source unit as long as the load placed on the unit falls within its capacity. Read the rest

Which UPS is Best for Home? Your Guide to Choosing a UPS

UPS systems come in different designs and use different methods to support varying backup loads. Find out which one is best for your home here.

Choosing the Right UPS for Your Home.

The reality we face is a world where load shedding happens almost daily. An uninterruptible power supply is one of the best investments you can make in a world where many of us work and function online. Read the rest

protect electronics during outages

How to Protect Your Electronics During Outages

Are you worried about how load-shedding and power surges can damage your electronics? Here’s how you can protect them.

You can easily protect your sensitive electronic equipment from being damaged. Surges are guilty of zapping your electrical appliances and sensitive electronics. You can now avoid damaging your electronics by applying a couple of smart steps. We tell you how simple the process is. Read the rest

load shedding survival kit

Your Ultimate Load Shedding Survival Kit

Do you wish you had a survival kit when the lights go out? Here’s our ultimate guide.

The lights have gone out – again – and you are wondering how you could make this better? Are you sick and tired of searching for the candles and dying for a cup of tea, but everything works off electricity? It is time to get smart, think outside the box, and compile a clever DIY load shedding survival kit.

Read the rest

How to Stop Losing Money Because of Load Shedding

Rolling blackouts are here to stay. This is not doing small businesses in South Africa any favours. These power cuts can cost us. A diesel generator might seem like a good solution, but a generator can be noisy, and it may not address all the issues we face with sudden power cuts, such as power surges. 

We Are Experiencing a Power Crisis.

Read the rest
UPS system

This Guide to the Workings of UPS is All You Need to Know

How Does an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Work?

We often refer to UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies) as battery backup systems. These provide backup power when we experience a range of power conditions from our regular power source. If you experience surges, power outages, load shedding, or other anomalies, you may need a UPS to protect your electronic devices.

They are a great standby when voltage levels drop, and we experience power anomalies that could damage sensitive electronics. Read the rest

load shedding tips and tricks

How to Prevent Damage to Your Electronics during Load Shedding

Load shedding has become part of our lives. You need to do everything possible to prevent damaging your electronic devices. The best protection against damage due to power surges is prevention. Ensure you unplug all sensitive equipment and remove all your appliances from plugs and electrical outlets when you know load shedding is about to start or if there are lightning storms brewing. Read the rest