load shedding tips and tricks

How to Prevent Damage to Your Electronics during Load Shedding

Load shedding has become part of our lives. You need to do everything possible to prevent damaging your electronic devices. The best protection against damage due to power surges is prevention. Ensure you unplug all sensitive equipment and remove all your appliances from plugs and electrical outlets when you know load shedding is about to start or if there are lightning storms brewing.

We show you how to protect your electronic equipment by investing in simple devices that will do the job efficiently. Installing protective devices is a smart move. These include surge protectors and a UPS power supply with a surge protector.

Load shedding is part of our lives. How to protect my devices when the lights go out:

We have learned to live with load shedding; or have we? Your devices need protection from the instability of the power grid. Load shedding can and will reduce the longevity of your electrics. Load shedding will damage sensitive electrical appliances and devices either short or long-term.

Disconnect everything before load shedding begins or while it is happening. This will avoid potential problems from arising when the power goes off switches back on. There are many ways to protect electronics. Disconnecting is perhaps the best and cheapest preventative measure. The most damage happens when the power comes back on. This is when the power surges throughout your grid supply and electrical equipment.

How can I benefit from investing in regulators, UPS systems, and inverters?

Your best protection against damage is investing in inexpensive power strips. Simply plug and play. Power strips have built-in protection against surges. You can buy these surge protection devices at a nominal cost from most electrical outlets and hardware shops.

You can also get a surge protector installed on your main electrical board (or your electrical distribution board). An electrician should install it for your protection. Surge protectors for your plug adaptors are easy to find and easier to install. You don’t need an electrician to install these. Simply plug and play.

Now might be the right time to shop around for new insurance.

Does your insurance cover electronic damage because of power cuts, power surges, lightning strikes, and other damage? If not, it might be time to source more comprehensive cover. Examine the fine print on your policy to make sure it covers power outages and resulting damage to equipment before you sign.

We are making a difference in protecting your electrical equipment.

Don’t leave protecting your electronics to chance. Our wide range of devices at PHD Powerhouse will ensure we keep your electrical devices out of harm’s way.

Call us today without delay to protect your expensive equipment against all power eventualities.

keep the lights on during load shedding in south africa

Ways to Keep the Lights on During Load Shedding in South Africa

How can we stay connected in a disconnected world? Use these smart tips.

We are working from home, studying from home, and shopping online. When the lights go down during load shedding, our lives grind to a halt. It is time to do something when we experience a loss of power. Failure to do so could cause a disruption in your daily operations. Eskom has warned us that cuts will be something we are going to deal with as South Africa’s power grid remains under pressure.

Reliability is the key to staying connected in South Africa. What level of efficiency are we seeking when load shedding takes place? Staying connected nowadays is a challenge. We show you how to stay connected, even if Eskom imposes debilitating cuts. All industries will benefit from these tips, regardless of size. We can manage power failures and keep our power on despite load shedding.

A UPS System Can Keep You and Your Small Enterprise Connected

You can keep everything on by protecting your devices. Invest in a program that backs up your data and make sure it saves your work in the cloud to protect your files. This level of efficiency will take your business to the next level and ensure you never lose an important document ever again.

Invest in UPS equipment to prevent damage to your electronic devices. Your UPS battery back-up system is a brilliant way to keep your networking functioning during outages. Install UPS systems for each person to keep functioning. You can also connect certain electrical devices to one UPS system, and the rest to another.

Use one for each of your computers, television sets, and other devices. These usually consume an exorbitant amount of power. Use a smaller UPS system for the balance of your equipment.

Many companies and households have generators to keep operating during an outage. These are run off batteries or fuel, depending on the size and make. Others use solar panels to supplement their power during rotational power cuts like the load shedding we’re experiencing.

Consider Safety First in Your Small Business When the Power Goes Out

You and your team members need to know what to do when load shedding hits. You need to keep the loss of revenue to a minimum. There should be a plan of action in place for emergencies.

Do something smart and keep your lights on. Do more by keeping your internet connection functioning. PHD Powerhouse offers UPS systems that will ensure your network keeps functioning during load shedding.

UPS devices have come a long way. We have created them to maximise your internet connectivity when you experience outages in South Africa. Our backup power and range of batteries will keep you connected. This source of backup power will have enough runtime to ensure you keep functioning.

We’re Here to Help Keep You Connected

PHD Powerhouse offers you a wide range of UPS systems (Uninterruptible Power Supply), and batteries to assist. Keep everything running by applying smart methods. The right size of batteries and devices will keep you up and running for a couple of hours until the power returns.

These power packs will prepare you. We offer a wide range of batteries and UPS sizes. Generators also have their place to keep the lights on. It will all depend on the number of electrical devices you are planning to connect to the UPS system.

Use power banks (portable chargers) to keep you connected. This will ensure it does not affect you during Eskom power outages. Be sure to check your schedule. This will give you the advantage. Blackouts are not pleasant. The more ready you are, the better. Electricity plays an integral part in our lives.

Load shedding, it seems, is here to stay. The question is which system works best for you. Learn more about what we offer by calling us. Let us take a load off your shoulders with device options to suite your needs.


How to Fight Load Shedding in 2021

As load shedding becomes an everyday occurrence, you can apply many smart hacks. This will keep you happy and functioning. Eskom has upped its game and load shedding seems to be here to stay. At least for the immediate future. 

We cannot do anything about load shedding, but we can make it a more comfortable experience when it happens. Power outages are influencing the way we are working online. Load shedding plays havoc on our devices. 

Five Smart Things to Do When the Lights Go Out 

1. Go Solar. 

Installing a solar geyser is the most cost-effective thing you will ever do. It will save you an untold amount of money. Investing in solar lights makes sense, especially on the perimeter of your property.  

2. LED is the Smart Way to Light Up. 

LED lights are easy to buy at your local hardware store. They will give you enough light when you are plunged into darkness during load shedding. Keep them charged to ensure they offer you enough lighting. Many come with USB ports that will solve your recharging issues.  

3. Think Out of the Box. 

Charging all your electronic devices, phones, PCs, and laptops will give you opportunities to keep busy during load shedding. You can listen to music, watch movies, and keep connected when the lights go out. It is important to load an App so that they always keep you in the loop when to expect load shedding. Forewarned is forearmed.  

4. Protect Your Electronics. 

Unplugging your cable is the cheapest way to protect your electronic equipment. Unplug these from the walls as a socket plugged in is still live. This applies to power surges, which is one of the biggest causes of damaging equipment.  

5. Make Load Shedding Easier.  

It is easy and effective to get a multi-plug with a built-in fuse. It is a simple concept. When surges occur, it will activate the fuses inside the plug. This is a circuit-breakers and cuts the connection to the mains. This will save any appliances or equipment connected to the plug.  

6. The PHD Powerhouse Difference  

Making a difference to the way you protect your electrical equipment and keep the lights on is what we do best. From solar to surge protection devices, UPS, and more. We are making a difference in the way you live and the way we operate online. Get a quote today and make a difference to your life by keeping the lights on and glowing in an otherwise dark world. 


Everything You Need to Know About Protecting Your Electronics

Load shedding is here to stay. Your electrical appliances have probably experienced surges. Load shedding has had a negative effect on many electrical appliances. This has caused untold damage.  

6 Ways to Protect Expensive Electronics 

  1. Always unplug all your equipment. By unplugging your equipment, you will remove the power source. We experience damage to our appliances through power surges. The best protection is through prevention.  
  1. Invest in Surge ProtectorsProtection devices are a lifesaver for sensitive equipment. A smart idea is investing in a surge protector plug with adaptors. You can use surge protection for your devices and also for your mains board. Surge protectors protect your equipment from excessive energy. It will redirect surges to the earth wire in your surge protector.  
  1. Get a UPS. Investing in a UPS is worth your while. Many of us are working from home and rely on the internet to work and studyDuring load shedding, we lose time, and time is money. UPS devices are vital for electronics. These include your modem, PC, phones, and router. Your UPS is a brilliant solution for isolating and filtering power surges. Protect your devices in any way you can from surges and outages.  
  1. Check your insurance policy. Are you protected from damage if your electric equipment gets damaged? Now is the time to read the fine print on your insurance policy schedule. This way you will find out exactly what they do and what they do not protect when damaged.  
  1. Use surge protection strips. Surge protecting strips are a great way to protect your electronics. This is a fast, simple solution to protect your appliances. Simply plug and play. The fuses in a power strip come with a built-in surge protector. The fuse fails when the power spikes. Thus, cutting off power to your appliances. This is a great way to protect your devices and equipment.  

PHD Powerhouse Sheds Light on Ways to Protect Your Electronics  

Load shedding is a reality, and it is here to stay. PHD Powerhouse is shedding light on ways to protect all your electronic equipment and devices. By installing simple devices at a nominal cost, you can save the day. At PHD Powerhouse, we are shedding the light on simple ways to make a big difference. We can guide you in ways to ensure your equipment won’t get damaged. 


Why Protecting Your Devices Will Save You Money

You need to get smart by applying inexpensive safety measures. This will protect all your electrical devices. The instability in the power supply can wreak havoc on sensitive electrical equipment and could cause extensive damage. Your insurance service provider might not cover this expense. Check the fine print so that you know what they will cover. 

Surge protectors and UPS devices are more popular than ever before. You need to protect your devices during power outages. When our devices turn off during power outages, we need to shut them down in the correct way.  

Many smart devices have microprocessors. Once the utility restores power, smart devices could become damaged. The result could be catastrophic for your devices. Internal hardware failure could occur.  

No Questions Asked – Surge Protectors are a Life Saver  

You might find that a surge protector will do the job well if you have a smart refrigerator or television set. You could save yourself thousands of Rands by investing in a surge protection device that costs a nominal amount.  

We need to replace surge protectors from time to time. It is not smart to invest in a second-hand power surge. We measure our surge protectors in joules. The more kilojoules, the more effective the surge protectors are.  

You can buy a surge protector online or from any electronics or computer outlet store. Surge protectors check the electrical flow that reaches appliances. These surge protectors are practical. They will protect a single or many electrical devices.  

The surge protector is a must for protection against lightning. They are also useful for protection against the instability of the power supply. Surge protectors will divert power flow away from electrical equipment.  

Why in the World Would You Not Use a UPS Device  

Your UPS device is a lifesaver when the lights go out. UPS devices are battery back-up systems that power your devices from a few minutes to a few hours. These devices will ensure you can log off your computers and save any work you are busy with. Powering devices off in a safe manner is of paramount importance to avoid damaging your equipment.  

The PHD Powerhouse Difference  

We are making a difference at PHD Powerhouse. Now, more than ever before, keeping the lights on is important. You need to protect your devices to avoid any nasty surprises. Power off in the correct manner when you experience an erratic power supply. 


All You Need to Know to Keep Your Business Running During Outages

You don’t need to close your doors when your power goes down. We face many challenges with power in South Africa. When load shedding hits, you don’t need to shut your shop and hotfoot it home. 

Load shedding is a sad reality, something everyone living in South Africa expects. You can take smart measures to lighten the burden when this happens and keep your business flourishing. 

It’s Time to Shine the Spotlight on These Challenges:  

  • Blackouts challenge our physical security.  
  • Our sensitive electronic equipment could get damaged during dips, surges, brownouts, and blackouts.  
  • Our customers could become unhappy if we shut our doors or if the outages compromise their safety.  
  • We must pay our staff, even when the lights go out. When power outages limit our means to make profit, this becomes a challenge.  
  • Refrigerated goods could become spoiled during power outages. This is especially the case during hot weather and lengthy outages.  

You Have the Competitive Advantage if You are Forearmed  

Forewarned is forearmed, as the adage goes. You will have a competitive advantage when using the right equipment. Put into place devices that will keep the lights on and to prevent damage. There is no use waiting for someone to switch the magic lights back on.  

You Can Win with UPS Systems by Getting One Right Now  

Plug your devices into powerful UPS systems and save the day! You can get them in a wide range of capacities and sizes. Plug your computers, tills, and pointofsale devices into them. UPS Systems are the answer for keeping everything running until the lights come back on.  

Line interactive UPS Systems are not dissimilar to your reserve UPS Systems. We equip them with extra multi-tap variable voltage autotransformers to make life easier. We have designed your Line Interactive UPS System with reliable battery power. You can run your computers even when the power goes down.  

A Wireless Card Machine Will Prove to be Valuable  

You can keep your cash flowing even when there is no power. Investing in a wireless card machine with a long battery life will assist and is perfect for contactless payments. This is a great alternative during the pandemic where physical contact should be avoided. 

Making the PHD Powerhouse Difference  

We are making a difference to businesses. We help you keep the lights on, and your doors open with a range of devices. Do not delay taking care of power issues. These are a reality and are here to stay, but your outage issues can be a thing of the past. 

Solar panels

Some of The Reasons People Are Choosing Solar

We are all facing power struggles. This is in our personal and business capacity. As the power grid struggles to keep up with an ever-growing world, the reasons for more power are becoming obvious. 


South Africa enjoys many days of sunshine. And it is free! Taking advantage of what is so readily available is the smart thing to do. 


What You Need to Know About Solar Energy. 


There are definite financial benefits in the long-term with the installation of solar. You might run a small enterprise or a large wine farm, hotel or shopping centre. Installing solar is the difference between paying large amounts of money to your energy supplier or putting money back into your bank. 


Remember-solar is good for the environment. It a clean, green source of energy. You can reduce your carbon footprint as there are no greenhouse gasses emitted. This safe and environmentally friendly option is a no-brainer for those of us keen on taking care of the environment. 


What Else You Need to Know About Solar. 


You can go off the grid. This will save you money, but also immense frustrations. Brownouts, blackouts, load shedding and power surges can damage your sensitive electronics. You won’t face huge electricity bills and ever-increasing hikes. The sun will never increase its rates plus it gives you security knowing your power will never go out. 


The sun is free and provides us with more than enough energy for us to use. Noone may monopolise this source of energy. No individual and no government body. From the moment you switch your solar power on, you will start saving moneySolar power is excellent in the long-term where you will reap huge financial rewards. 


The PHD Difference. How PHD Powerhouse is Making a Difference to Powering Your World. 


Let us make a difference to your energy usage. We show you how you can take full advantage of the sun and save money. It’s the smart thing to do. PHD Powerhouse saves you money by installing and supplying everything you need to move away from the grid. You will never look back. 




How to Tell If You’ve Had a Power Surge

We live our lives around the convenience of electricity. This includes everything from computers to household appliances. We need to take all the steps to protect our electric appliances and gadgets from harmful power surges. 

You will soon realise there has been a power surgeThere are a few signs that may show your appliance or device experienced a power surge: 

  • The lights of digital devices and clocks will flash 
  • Devices stop working or are switched off 
  • A burnt, acidic acrid smell will emanate from the device
  • Surge protectors need resetting 

What is a Power Surge? 

  • A power surge happens when power flowing through an outlet is not delivered at a constant. The power could fluctuate between120 volts and 169 volts.  
  • Power does not flow constantly or evenly 
  • Damaging power surges is greater than 169 volts.  

What Happens When the Power Surges? 

  • When the power utility switches grids, power surges originate from this source 
  • Power surges also happen when there are electrical malfunctions in transformers or transformer lines 
  • Other power surges occur from lighting strikes. Gauteng is especially privy to lightning strikes 
  • Power surges can occur within the home or office. When air-conditioning units and refrigerators turn on and off, small surges occur 
  • There are brief power surges. The lights might flicker because the motors require extra energy 

Why Do Power Surges Cause Damage? 

Voltage surges over and above the usual operating voltage can cause an arc of electrical current. This occurs within the electrical device. Lighting strikes cause extreme power surges.  These often cause permanent damage suddenly. Smaller surges accumulate over time, causing damage to your electrical appliances. They do not do immediate damage, but over time the damage becomes noticeable. 

Use Surge Protectors from PHD to Prevent Electrical Surge Damage 

Invest in a surge protector to protect your appliances inside your home or office. PHD offers a wide range of top-notch surge protectors for all appliancesA surge protector diverts voltage surges, directing them safely to the ground. 





What Is Eco-Tourism? The Top Five Eco-Friendly Lodges in Africa

Eco-tourism is about leaving your footprints softly on the Earth. The elephants that live around these wild places should leave the only heavy footprints. Source lodges and safari camps when traversing the content of Africa that take eco-tourism seriously. 

Choose safari lodges serious about preserving wildlife. Also, those that support the communities that live in the surrounding areas. Many safari lodges are now raising the bar for responsible stays. 

Choose One of These Five Eco-Friendly Lodges for Your Travels 

  • Why You Should Try Gibbs Farms in Tanzania – A Rare Gem 

Gibbs farm reuses and recycles all waste material. Everyone refers to Gibbs Farm as “Funiland”. You must see the carpenters busy creating works of art from wood scraps. Tailors thread leftover materials into cushion covers. Papermakers mix wastepaper with elephant dung into memorable stationery items. The lodge is eco-friendly from start to finish. 

  • See Community Development at Its Finest at Campi ya Kanzi in Kenya 

Husband and wife team, Luca Belpietro and his wife are owners of the lodge. They have established the Maasai Community Wilderness Trust. This trust cares for thousands of Maasai landowners living around the lodge. The trust has a primary school, employing fifty teachers. There is also a dispensary and three clinics. The trust offers compensation to the locals experiencing livestock losses. This is then traded for predator protection. We can all take a leaf out of the book of these owners.  

  • We Take Being Environmentally Friendly Seriously at Garonga Safari Camp 

Garonga Safari Camp in South Africa was completely overhauled in 2009. Water and sewerage are refiltered for safe reuse. Even game drive vehicles use happy biofuel. 

  • Meno a Kwena, Botswana is Committed to the Environment 

Meno a Kwena has dedicated itself to resolving human-wildlife conflicts. Job creation through land leases and employment opportunities provide the lodge with personnel. For travellers looking for an eco-friendly, , Meno a Kwena is your place. 

  • Singita Pamushana in Zimbabwe Sustains Indigenous Communities 

Discover Singita Pamushana Safari Lodge in the heart of the Malilangwe Reserve, Zimbabwe. The lodge provides employment, education, health, and other opportunities to the community. They feed 23 000 school children daily through community service. 

PHD Powerhouse Sustains the EnvironmentMaking a Difference 

At PHD we are of the belief that we should use what is available to us. South Africa enjoys many days of sunshine throughout the yearWe install solar systems, and by doing so, we take full advantage of this renewable resource. Contact us today for all your Solar needs. 

Solar Panels

Get Solar For Your Business and Save Money

Installing Solar in your Small to Medium-Sized Business Can Save You Money

Large blue-chip companies are benefiting from the installation of solar, but the big question is whether solar will benefit your small to medium-sized enterprise. One would presume this is about costs and expenses with many big businesses having access to unlimited budgets for solar installation. 

Truth be told is that solar installation for businesses holds the promise of saving money in the long-term and before long the money spent on the installation costs will pay for itself time and again. In other words. Solar is an investment that you simply cannot overlook when finding ways of saving money in your business. 

Look for Ways to Reduce Solar Installation Costs 

Claim back from the Tax Man for the installation of your solar system if you are a small to medium-sized enterprise. The government encourages businesses to install solar by offering a rebate at the end of the financial year. Find a solar company that specialises in the installation of solar in small businesses and take it from there. Large companies often use subcontractors to carry out the installation of solar – find a company willing to install your solar at a decent price if they specialise in small to medium-sized enterprises. By using a company that does not subcontract you can save as much as 30%. 

What Kind of Solar Are You Installing? 

There are three main types of solar when installing solar for businesses. One of these is solar on the rooftop which is great for retail configurations. The next two types of solar installations include ground mounts and carport installations. The kind of solar installed for your business will depend largely on what kind of business you run. Solar technologies are improving daily and therefore are lighter and cheaper to make and install. This will make a difference to business owners installing solar. Solar companies take shorter periods to install solar panels and systems, therefore the cost of labour is vastly reduced which minimises installation costs. 

PHD Making a Difference in Businesses Both Large and Small 

Find out how best to cut back on electricity costs by installing solar in your small to medium-sized business. PHD Powerhouse will offer you pertinent advice and assist with installing the right size solar for your specific needs and your niche business.