What Are the Main Functions of Uninterruptible Power Supply?

Uninterruptible Power Supply

Get battery back-ups to keep your electrical devices running. Your UPS device is the perfect solution during power outages. This emergency power option is there to help during power outages. Protect sensitive equipment during unstable power conditions.

What is Uninterruptible Supply? What is Its Main Function?

Get reliable protection from the harshest power conditions. Your UPS provides you with essential backup power protection during unstable power conditions. Read the rest


How to Choose the Best UPS Supply Brands for Your Business

There are many UPS supply brands to choose from. Do you know which one suits your business best?
Which UPS should you invest in? What kind of uninterrupted power supplies are available? Will they be enough during a power failure? Find out everything you need to know here.

Choose From PHD’s 3 Excellent Line Interactive UPS Systems.

PHD Powerhouse supplies a wide range of line interactive UPS systems. Read the rest


How to Save Energy as Load Shedding Gains Momentum

South Africa’s national grid is in turmoil. We are facing an energy crisis. As more and more South Africans work from home, we need to save on electricity consumption.

Load shedding is here to stay. It is disruptive and damages sensitive equipment. The big question is, how prepared are you for an increase electricity demand?

As energy demand escalates during the Winter months, what are you doing to save energy? Read the rest

What Is Eco Tourism?

What Is Eco-Tourism? Top 5 Eco-Friendly Lodges in Africa

What is Eco-Tourism?

Eco-Tourism is tourism that mitigates its negative impact on the natural environment. It also indicates tourist destinations that promote sustainable development and the upliftment of disadvantaged communities. Eco-tourism is part of responsible travel and a sustainable tourism industry.

Why is Eco-Tourism So Important for Our Planet?

Every effort towards sustainable travel and reducing negative environmental impacts can have a positive impact on the future of our planet. Read the rest

To keep business thriving invest in UPS South Africa

To Keep Business Thriving Invest in UPS South Africa

Find out how to get short-term power that makes a long-term difference to your business operations with a wide range of back-up source options.

What is the Best Solution to Keep Functioning during Blackouts?

Your business needs power to keep on thriving even when incoming utility power fluctuates or drops. A break in power coming from the grid can cause loss of productivity today in businesses around South Africa.
Read the rest

How Does Surge Protection Work? 

If you’re living in South Africa and subjected to unreliable electricity from the utility company (Eskom), knowing what surge protection is and how it works can protect your expensive equipment.

What is a Surge Protector?

A surge protector is a device that helps protect your electronic devices from sudden spikes or dips in voltage levels. In South Africa, these could include load shedding, power cuts, brownouts, and an unstable surge current that fluctuates. Read the rest

What's the Best UPS for Home Use in South Africa?

What is the Best UPS for Home Use in South Africa?

What is the Best UPS for Home Use in South Africa?

Working from home comes with its own set of challenges. A lack of power is at the top of the pile! A UPS system can and will make a vast difference, especially if you work from home.

Your UPS gives you enough backup power to save your work. It also gives you plenty of time to shut down sensitive electronic equipment correctly. Read the rest

UPS system

Why Every Business Needs a UPS Backup

Backup power is essential for South African businesses. A UPS is vital for protecting your electronics and the continued operation of your business in South Africa. 

You have a couple of options as a business owner to keep the lights on. What are you doing about protecting your sensitive equipment? Some options include standby generators or uninterruptible power supply devices.  

Some businesses use both as backup power supplies and to protect electronic equipment. Read the rest


5 Clever Load Shedding Tricks for When the Power Goes Out

Are you tired of living in darkness even though you pay your utility bills? You don’t have to be stuck without power and lighting whenever Eskom has issues. Use these simple hacks to brighten your day (or night).

Here Are 5 Clever Load Shedding Tricks to Keep Going When the Light are Out

1. Go Solar.

Installing solar is a good way to keep the lights on. Read the rest


Find UPS Solutions in South Africa

Where Can I Find the Right UPS Solution for Me?

Are you looking for uninterruptible power supply solutions? Eskom tells us the power grid is taking strain. We are struggling to keep our businesses, homes, and offices running because of continuous power outages.

Choose a reliable UPS supplier like PHD Powerhouse to get back your peace of mind. With our help, you can keep the lights on and your businesses running. Read the rest