Household Surge Protection

PHD Powerhouse distributions uses full thermal disconnect MOV between line and neutral as required by the new NRCS standards in all their surge protection devices.
NRCS – DB Board Surge Protection Certificate

PHD offers real surge protection and lightning protection. We have expert engineers always at the cutting edge of surge protection and lightning protection design to ensure PHD has the best quality goods on the market.

In business today it is clear that profitability is directly related to the efficiency and reliability of our electronic systems. Reliability of these systems is directly and often catastrophically affected by poor quality of your supply power. Surges, under and over-voltage conditions, including dips or sags, swells, brownouts and Blackouts all negatively impact our supply power quality causing computer malfunction and loss of data. PHD Powerhouse has a comprehensive range of office surge protection, home surge protection and industrial surge protection systems and lightning protection systems designed for total protection.

PHD Powerhouse offers the best quality surge protection. We have a large range of DB board fitted surge protection or plug and play surge protection for your TV or DSTV.