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Explaining Modified Sine Wave Inverters

Pure sine wave inverters and modified sine wave inverters convert 12V DC from batteries into AC (alternating current) power available from wall outlets.   Producing a modified sine wave is a far simpler process than creating a pure sine wave, which boils down to a modified sine wave inverter being a lot cheaper. The trade-off is […]

Explaining Pure Sine Wave Inverters

It is time to think about pure sine wave inverters when you require efficiency. A pure sine wave inverter offers two things – these include the powering of devices effectively by using alternating current input without having to correct it first and offering power to devices that experience interference (radios are a perfect example).  It […]

Energy Conservation in the Workplace

One of the most important things when running a business is to ensure that you juggle the costs successfully as these will impact on your bottom line. Saving costs on energy is certainly something that has an impact on your business costs.  Saving energy is the responsibility of everyone in the office. Employees need to […]

Explaining Victron Inverters

Inverters are devices that convert electricity from direct current (DC) into AC, which is alternating current. With the correct transformers, AC can be any voltage. Inverters extract power from batteries to supply devices when the power goes out.  In most instances, car batteries and marine batteries can supply enough power for up to an hour […]

DB Board Surge Protection

It is vital to choose the right surge arrester and surge protection devices and circuit breaker configuration for your DB Board, and carry out in-depth risk assessment.  Here are three things to do when looking for DB Surge Protection:  Get familiar with the various types of DB Board Surge Protectors. Education is key and being […]

The Load Shedding Survival Guide

Load shedding is here to stay and has become a fact of life for all South Africans – the smart thing to do is to ensure you are prepared for this eventuality as and when it happens. It need not be all doom and gloom when it happens; instead, get creative and come up with […]

When to Use a Surge Protector

Power surges are a regular occurrence and are here to stay. We need to think smart and out of the box – if power surges are going to be a major part of our daily lives. It is imperative that we protect all sensitive electronics against these instabilities, whether they are due to power surges […]

Money-Saving Tips For Electricity in the Office

SMEs need to find ways to save every penny they can find, and what better place to start than by saving on electricity and utility bills? You would be pleasantly surprised at how smart-saving tips for electricity can put money back into your pocket ( or that of the business).  Be aware of which appliances are Vampire […]

Three Important Things You Need To Know About UPS

It is important to determine how many devices you need to have plugged into your UPS when running a small business or medium enterprise.  Most SMEs cannot afford to have downtime and loss of revenue, and if this can be avoided altogether, even better. Damage to your computers, modems, phones and other electrical devices puts pressure on the revenue of businesses […]

UPS Supply Brands

There are numerous UPS Supply Brands to choose from – the big question is – which one suits your business needs best, and which one will you invest in for your specific business applications?  PHDs three Line Interactive UPS Systems are all excellent choices; the difference lies in what your individual requirements are and how many devices you will […]