Servo Type Voltage Stabilizers

Microprocessor DSP Control

Automatic power voltage regulator

Protection against brownouts and overvoltage

Short circuit and overload protection

Digital indicators

Surge spike and lightning protection

Servo type 1/1 voltage stabilizers AVR (500VA – 30kVA)

Servo type 3/3 voltage stabilizers AVR (1.5kVA – 100kVA)

What are Servo-Type Voltage Stabilizers

Minor fluctuations can cause equipment to either break down or malfunction. Servo-Type Voltage Stabilizers have been designed so that this can be avoided by controlling these variations in the voltage input by providing a continuous voltage output.

Because there will always be a variation in the requirements and because each individual’s usage differs, GE Power Stabilizers are tailored to suit the input voltage needs of individual clients.

Because there are usually numerous variations in mains voltage, the dangers of over-voltage are quite common as these instabilities could easily lead to serious issues for those using a whole range of electrical equipment.

Because this could cause serious issues as far as electrics go, Servo-Type Voltage Stabilizers have been created and manufactured to ensure sophisticated equipment, regardless of the type of industry, will be protected against these dips and surges.

The range of equipment that requires this type of sophisticated protection includes but is not limited to precision laboratory equipment, radio transmitters and devices, computer paraphernalia as well as general industrial production and process control apparatus; furthermore the prevention of fluctuations that control laboratories as a whole need to be protected.

Other applications include testing rooms and factories which could, down the road, save substantial costs.

What are Servo-Type Stabilizers:

  • Servo-Type Stabilizers are based on a feed-back principle.
  • These stabilizers are manufactured from only top-quality raw materials.
  • Servo-Type Stabilizers are high speed electromechanical regulators that have been created by using state-of-the-art technologies to provide a continuous supply of voltage without any harmonics, often operating over a wide range of temperatures

Some of the crucial features of Servo-Type Stabilizers include:

  • Energy-saving features – this is as a direct result of the elevated efficiency combined with the superior design of the transformer.
  • Top of the range high quality materials are used in the design of the stabilizers.
  • There is no wave form distortion.
  • Servo-Type Stabilizers boast having high response, low inertia servo-motors.
  • Stabilizers are simply and systematically constructed to ensure dependability as well as easy upkeep.

Generation of A. C. electricity follows general rules across the globe, which consists of three-phase 3-wire systems. Even through the voltage levels may vary from country to country – the common denominator is that transmission of electrical energy is achieved through a 3-wire system.

Surges and dips are commonly experienced regardless of location, therefore the implementation of Servo-Type Voltage Stablilizers plays an integral role to ensure that sensitive electrical equipment is safeguarded against these fluctuations.