Surge Protector

Surge Protection – Which One’s For You?

As far as power surge protectors go – there is the good and there is the bad. Did you know that if you chose the wrong one you could end up damaging all those electrical gadgets you have paid a small fortune for – therefore it might be a good idea to choose the one that has the best fit right from the outset.

Here are four pointers when buying your surge protector:

  • The right number of ports is perhaps number one when buying a surge protector. Although six and eight ports might be an obvious choice – look around a little and find one with 12 ports that are well-spaced so that using them all is easy. The right number of points makes sense – this way you won’t have to use a whole daisy chain of surge protectors.
  • What type of equipment will be plugged into the surge protector? This is a good time to consider what you will be plugging into the surge protector. The one that is appropriate for your individual needs will be the right one and not the one that seems to sport the most features and costs the earth.
  • Another important factor is to check for the UL seal and ensure that your surge protector is a transient voltage surge suppressor and meets with their UL standards which is a prerequisite for it to be an authentic transient voltage surge suppressor. This will ensure that the surge protector you invest in will actually protect the equipment you plug into it.
  • Check the warranty of your surge protector. Some surge protectors will warranty the devices that are connected to it for a portion of the damages if a power surge sneaks through. It is important to see what is and what is not covered. You need to know how to go about finding out how to claim if the surge protector does not live up to its promises.