What Are the Main Functions of Uninterruptible Power Supply?

Uninterruptible Power Supply

Get battery back-ups to keep your electrical devices running. Your UPS device is the perfect solution during power outages. This emergency power option is there to help during power outages. Protect sensitive equipment during unstable power conditions.

What is Uninterruptible Supply? What is Its Main Function?

Get reliable protection from the harshest power conditions. Your UPS provides you with essential backup power protection during unstable power conditions.

  • Your UPS differs from a generator or power system. The difference is the speed at which it switches from AC to DC power.
  • Your UPS offers basic surge protection from power interruptions. This will protect your sensitive equipment from damages.
  • A UPS system supplies energy to electronic equipment using energy stored in batteries. It also stores energy in supercapacitors and flywheels.
  • Your UPS offers a continuous power system with battery power supply. This efficient network power protection device offers protection to your equipment. When your primary power source fails, your UPS will kick in automatically.
  • Typically, your UPS uses hardware to protect data centres, telecommunication equipment, and hardware.
  • This is especially important during the transition of power. This is from electrical equipment to battery power.
  • You can prevent injuries, business disruption, and even death. You can do this by safely switching off electrical equipment. These usually apply to industrial applications.
  • Backup time is important. You have time to save critical data with a graceful shutdown. Your battery power supply will keep you running for a couple of hours.

Are All UPS Systems Alike?

UPS units differ from each other. They differ in size and design. Some come equipped with basic ports. Most offer varied options of load current. Battery backup users will find that UPS systems offer so much more than keeping your Wi-Fi up and running.

Did you know entire cities can keep running on giant-sized UPS systems? Fairbanks in Alaska can power an entire city and surrounding rural communities. When the power is out, this critical infrastructure keeps the lights on!

Find Out About Keeping the Light on During Critical Moments of Outages

Find the right surge protection with power to battery power options. Get your entire range from PHD Powerhouse. Choose efficient power protection with our basic power protection.

Essential power protection helps you keep your lights. This takes place during the harshest power conditions. Loss of power can destroy sensitive electronic equipment. Enjoy peace of mind with a safe shutdown during load shedding bouts.


How Does Surge Protection Work?

Living in South Africa with load shedding bouts is challenging. Plug-in surge protection devices are a necessity. They protect your connected equipment from unexpected power surges. Choose from our wide range of surge protection devices.

Protect your devices from direct lightning strikes with external lightning protection. A lightning surge can cause untold damage. Ensure you have a multi-plug high surge device for protection.

How Do These Protective Devices Work?

Your surge arrester protects electrical devices from direct lightning current. Basic surge protects your electronic equipment against damages. These are usually from hikes and dips in the current.

A protection device is far more than a power strip. It offers effective surge energy absorption to electrical devices. Avoid permanent electrical damage with a range of modern surge devices.

A surge protector device absorbs current from one outlet. It then transfers it into your device. The device contains metal oxide varistor. We refer to this as MOV. It diverts excess voltage. This enables your electronics to enjoy a stable power level.

What is MOV and How Does it Help Divert Current?

We find MOV in every house surge protector. Surge protection technologies offer protection for your equipment. These current arresters protect equipment. This is when electrical surges exceed the average surge electrical current.

All modern surge arrestors contain MOV. They offer basic surge protection for most devices. MOV-based surge protectors are sensitive to electrical pressure.

When detected, MOV reduces electrical resistance. With low voltage, the MOV works in the opposite way. It will increase voltage levels.

Surge suppression technologies have come a long way. Your multiple surge arrester has no delay in response time. It kicks in automatically.

It will then redirect excess voltage. Enjoy electrical safety with a built-in surge protector.

Your MOV Arrester Comprises 3 Main Parts:

The 3 major components include metal oxide. They connect this to your power and grounding line. The connection is with 2 semiconductors.

These semi-conductors vary. The electrons within the semi-conductors move and change depending on the voltage resistance. This happens when the voltage is too high or if it is too low.

Why Does a Power Surge Wreak Havoc on Sensitive Equipment?

A power surge is a spike in the voltage amount flowing through sensitive electronics. Surges are excessive energy amounts. They usually exceed standard voltage levels of 120 volts.

In most instances, we are not aware current surges are happening. We usually realise this when our electrical equipment stops functioning.

Surge result from:

  • Lighting strikes
  • Incorrect electrical wiring and lighting
  • Problems with municipality electrical supply equipment
  • Current surges from the utility

We are not always aware of the effects on surge fluctuations. They reduce the life span of the internal working components. This is of your electronic equipment.

Power surges heat wires inside electronics. This then causes damage to internal parts of your electronic devices.

8 Clever Hints When Buying a Surge Arrestor

What must I look for when choosing current arresters? Here are a couple of hints to keep in mind when buying your device:

  1. List every electronic device you want to protect. The basic surge protection you get should have the capacity to protect all these devices.
  2. Find out if your uninterruptible power supply includes surge protection. This can act as a secondary buffer of protection against surges that can damage valuable equipment
  3. What is it you need protection from? Is it from load shedding or from lightning current? What protection are you looking for? This influences the current rating you may want from the device you choose.
  4. Make sure your current arrester is a transient voltage surge protector.
  5. You need to check clamping voltage and the energy absorption rating.
  6. Do your power strips have a warranty? This is advisable.
  7. Electrical installations are easy. Simply plug and play!
  8. Process control systems need an indicator light.

Where Can I Get the Best Surge Protection for Load shedding and Lightning Current?

Electrical surges are avoidable. Load shedding has made a negative impact on the way we live. Protect your electronic equipment from a damaging lighting strike with a simple device.

Although surge protection offers a degree of protection, it might still not be enough for lightning strikes. An outside lighting conductor, in conjunction with surge protection, is your best bet. Find out everything about effective surge energy absorption.

Call PHD Powerhouse today and learn about house surge protectors.



How to Choose the Best UPS Supply Brands for Your Business

There are many UPS supply brands to choose from. Do you know which one suits your business best?
Which UPS should you invest in? What kind of uninterrupted power supplies are available? Will they be enough during a power failure? Find out everything you need to know here.

Choose From PHD’s 3 Excellent Line Interactive UPS Systems.

PHD Powerhouse supplies a wide range of line interactive UPS systems. This is to South Africans from all walks of life. Here are 3 uninterruptible power supply devices on offer at PHD.

All are brilliant choices. Choose one to ensure your lights stay on during a power outage. Ask yourself what kind of backup power will you need? Will the battery power offer peace of mind? The power grid is unstable. We offer solutions for emergency power.

How Do Line Interactive UPS Systems Work?

Line-interactive UPS systems are not dissimilar to reserve UPS systems. The difference is we equip them with multi-tap variable-voltage autotransformers. Line Interactive UPS systems equip electrical devices with battery backup power.

This reliable source of power keeps your PC running. This gives users ample time to save work. Backup power protects sensitive electrical equipment from damages.

This occurs during loss of power. Damages also occur when lightning strikes. Other damages to your sensitive equipment occur during power surges.

What Are the 3 UPS Supply Brands We Offer Businesses?

Power cuts are our new normal. The secret is keeping critical equipment and connected devices safe from unstable input voltage. Getting the right equipment will prove one of your best business decisions this year.

1. T1X Series (Line Interactive UPS System (650 VA–2KVA).

Why invest in the T1X Series? Some advantages include:

  • Reliability during unstable conditions
  • Cost and affordability
  • Automatic voltage regulation
  • Great power capacity for small scale applications

The T1X Series has plenty of outlets, like USB communication facilities and a USB-A port. These ensure mobile devices remain charged.

How it Works

  • You can keep everything running for extended periods with battery power.
  • The device is micro compressor controlled.
  • Transfer time is between 1-6 minutes. Most is 10 minutes. Backup time ranges between 10 and 42 minutes depending on how many devices they plug into the UPS.. This gives users plenty of time to save work during a sudden power loss.
  • Recharge time is 4-6 hours. This allows for plenty of power when the power goes out. Typical recharge time is between four to six hours with a recovery of 90%.
  • Critical applications include full protection overload, discharge, and overcharge protection.
  • There is also an alarm when the battery runs low. The alarm sounds when overloaded.
  • This system is noiseless and can operate in high humidity. 

2. AEC T1 Series–Line Interactive UPS System (700VA–1KVA).

Get excellent performance and dependability with the AEC T1 Series-Line Interactive UPS. This device offers maximum surge and overload protection for the most sensitive electrical device.

  • Automatic voltage regulation for the current load offers peace of mind.
  • It has advanced MCU control technology.
  • Enjoy the compact and stylish presentation. The device is a great option to use in the home office. 
  • This UPS system is well-priced.
  • Enjoy enhanced efficiency.

 3. The AEC T2 Series Line Interactive UPS System (1KVA–3 KVA) 

The AEC T2 Series presents the latest in MCU technology. You can now get more bang for your buck.

  • This UPS system is dependable.
  • It also offers you enhanced surge protection. 
  • Enjoy automatic voltage regulation.
  • The T2 targets users needing protection from unstable power.

Which UPS suits your needs best? To get started, you can calculate how many devices need protecting from unstable power.

Would You Like to Know More About Line Interactive Systems?

PHD Powerhouse will help you find the right Uninterruptible Power Supply for your needs. Our UPS systems are here to keep the lights on and your productivity flowing. Say goodbye to unstable power conditions forever.


How to Save Energy as Load Shedding Gains Momentum

South Africa’s national grid is in turmoil. We are facing an energy crisis. As more and more South Africans work from home, we need to save on electricity consumption.

Load shedding is here to stay. It is disruptive and damages sensitive equipment. The big question is, how prepared are you for an increase electricity demand?

As energy demand escalates during the Winter months, what are you doing to save energy? We all need to do our bit to lower energy consumption.

Is Losing Power the Only Option for Businesses in South Africa?

South Africa’s small businesses rarely have the budget for expensive equipment. This applies to home offices, too. PHD offers a wide range of options to prevent losing productivity.

How ready are you to join the club of independent power producers by going off the grid? Here are a few options people are turning to keep their businesses going despite the grid’s unreliability.

1. Solar Power

The South African climate is ideal for the use of solar power. More and more South Africans are installing solar power systems. This is perhaps the most energy efficient option businesses and individuals have. AS an added benefit, you can reduce your carbon emissions and footprint by installing solar.

2. Uninterruptible Power

Many are also investing in UPS systems with battery banks. Technology drives much of the world, so we must think outside of the box to keep connected. When a solar system is too expensive, a UPS can often give you the power you need to shut down sensitive electronics without damage or to finish up work.

3. Generators

Many business owners have chosen to purchase generators that keep their operations going during load shedding. Generators are a mid-priced solution. They are less expensive than solar but require constant investment in the form of fuel.

As energy demand increases, the private sector is hard-pressed to find solutions so that we can sustain economic growth in the country. This has become a countrywide crisis for everyone.

There is no need to lose productivity. You can choose one of the smart ideas we offer and save on energy costs. When you choose clever ways for energy savings, you can enjoy the benefits of a greener carbon footprint too.

How to Start Small and Save Big with Energy Savings

Have you developed a long- and short-term plan to save energy in your home? Are you taking steps to reduce power consumption? As South Africans, we risk load shedding now and in the cold winter months.

You can start small and lower your consumption significantly without spending massive amounts of money. Grid outages are a reality, which is why it is important that we reduce our energy usage wherever possible.

  • Install a solar water heater. You can find out more about where you can switch to solar energy to save big on using city power.
  • Switch off your electric geyser and pool pump when not in use.
  • Seal air leaks and use insulation wherever possible. Lost heat wastes money.
  • Find out which electrical appliances are energy guzzlers and take steps to cut back on using these wherever possible.
  • Washing machines with water saving options are a significant investment. They will cut back on energy usage.
  • Insulate your electric geyser.
  • Use the right water heater for your home office.
  • Lighting consumes large amounts of energy. Change your light fitting options to energy-efficient lights. LED globes are a good option.
  • Natural lighting saves on energy. Cut back any foliage to let as much natural light in as possible. Enjoy light and views while saving money.
  • Other ways to conserve energy is insulating your windows correctly. Natural light will flood your home office or business with sunlight while saving on energy bills 
  • Wherever possible, invest in energy-efficient appliances. This applies to home and office equipment. Get the best performance while using lower amounts of energy.

5 Clever Ideas to Keep Going When the Lights Fail You

Living in South Africa and the demand for electricity calls for creativity.

  1. Invest in the right equipment to reduce your reliance on the grid and increase your energy efficiency.
  2. Use surge protectors. They are inexpensive and help protect your equipment when the power comes back on. 
  3. Get the right UPS or a generator as a power backup system. A battery and inverter combo can also serve as an adequate backup to supply you with power during load shedding.
  4. Keep a flask of boiled water or invest in a gas two-plate stove. In this energy crisis, our creativity can bring us more convenience and comfort.
  5. Consider investing in solar energy. Thanks to financial plans available from providers, you can choose to pay of your system monthly.

What is Your Response to Energy Issues? Get Smart and Contact PHD Powerhouse for Answers.

Contact us today to find out how you can make a difference with alternative energy strategies. Find out how you can cut back on the amounts of energy consumed. South Africa is experiencing power shortages. A power outage every couple of days or weeks is our new reality.

Let’s try to make a difference. Additional load shedding is something we are all living with. Find out how you can save power. We offer a broad spectrum of power saving options. Don’t let power outages affect productivity. Get smart and find new ways to save on your utility bill while keeping the lights ablaze.

What Is Eco Tourism?

What Is Eco-Tourism? Top 5 Eco-Friendly Lodges in Africa

What is Eco-Tourism?

Eco-Tourism is tourism that mitigates its negative impact on the natural environment. It also indicates tourist destinations that promote sustainable development and the upliftment of disadvantaged communities. Eco-tourism is part of responsible travel and a sustainable tourism industry.

Why is Eco-Tourism So Important for Our Planet?

Every effort towards sustainable travel and reducing negative environmental impacts can have a positive impact on the future of our planet. The tourism industry is opening after the COVID-19 pandemic. We need to ensure we are all doing our best to sustain the world in which we live by supporting the ecotourism industry.

Why Should Businesses Support the Eco-Tourism Initiative?

Leaving your footprints softly on the earth and supporting local communities. That is what eco-tourism is all about. Taking eco-tourism seriously by sourcing eco-lodges when unpacking Africa makes a difference.

Find lodges and camps that use natural resources wherever possible. Many lodges and camps are raising the eco-bar. They are going solar wherever possible. The tourism industry is encouraging responsible stays.

Unpacking 5 Eco-Lodges That Support Local Economies

1. Gibbs Farm in Tanzania

Gibbs Farm is a perfect model for environmental practices. They continue the legacy of their founders with sustainable practices and biodiversity conservation. Their wide range of respectful practices includes using solar energy.

They encourage organic farming. Gibbs Farm also supports the upliftment of indigenous people. The appreciation of people is clear. You can see this in creating adequate employment opportunities for the locals.

Business opportunities include training carpenters and tailors. They teach papermaking skills using a mix of wastepaper and elephant dung. These they fashion into memorable stationery items.

2. Campi ya Kanzi, Kenya

The owners of Campi ya Kanzi safari lodge are Luca Belpietro and his wife. The couple have established the Masai Mara Community Wilderness Trust. The trust takes care of thousands of indigenous people, the Masai landowners.

Other career opportunities include employing 50 teachers at the local primary school. This is one of the award-winning lodges offering more than tourism. There are 3 clinics and a dispensary. The trust offers compensation to the locals for any livestock losses to predators.

3. Garonga, South Africa

Garonga, South Africa, is reducing its carbon footprint. The luxury safari camp has created an eco- friendly safari experience. Through various green actions, the camp makes use of African biodiversity.

As the African tourism market recovers, it continues to support communities. Wildlife conservation is serious business. Garonga, especially, takes wildlife conservation seriously.

The aim is towards minimal waste. They re-filter their water for safe reuse. Game drive vehicles use biofuel.

Garonga is taking full advantage of natural resources through solar plants. Wherever possible, Goranga uses solar to minimise the impact on the environment. Garonga’s newest camp is the MCH Private Tented Camp. They run the camp on solar energy.

Garonga runs on a hybrid system. They use a combination of solar and grid power. They run the front of the house entirely on solar energy.

Find out more about our solar systems and how you, too, can run an eco-business off the grid.

4. Meno a Kwena, Botswana

Meno a Kwena is passionate about creating community upliftment projects. They are passionate about their conservation initiative, Elephants for Africa. Enjoy abundant wildlife at one of Botswana’s finest private reserves.

At Meno o Kwena, they are keen on creating educational opportunities for future generations. Meno a Kwena dedicates itself to resolving human-wildlife conflicts. They also create jobs through land leasing.

They employ local community members at the lodge, providing employment opportunities. Visitors to Meno a Kwena automatically support the following Natural Selection conservation initiative: “Pack for a Purpose.”

This is an initiative that allows travellers like you to make a lasting impact on the community. We encourage you to save a few kilos of space in your suitcase to bring supplies for the various projects. This way, you’ll make a difference in the lives of local children and families.

5. Singita Pamushana, Zambia

The African tourism sector supports indigenous communities across the continent. Singita Pamushana Safari Lodge is no exception and found in the heart of the Malilangwe Reserve. The lodge provides education and health to the community.

They believe that there is a fine balance between wildlife and the upliftment of communities. Singita Oamushana encourages direct relationships between indigenous peoples. Singita feeds over 23,000 school children daily through community service.

Support Eco-Tourism with Solar Power

Find out everything you need to know about solar energy. You too, together with our solar options, can make a difference. Do you own a restaurant, bed-and-breakfast establishment, or boutique hotel? PHD has your back.

Get your free quote today and find out how it’s done. Eco-tourism isn’t a buzzword. It is real, and proper establishments are choosing solar.

PHD Powerhouse sustains the environment with solar energy. We can use what is readily available to us – plenty of sunshine days to take full advantage of the renewable resources we already have. For all your solar needs, get a free quote from us today!

To keep business thriving invest in UPS South Africa

To Keep Business Thriving Invest in UPS South Africa

Find out how to get short-term power that makes a long-term difference to your business operations with a wide range of back-up source options.

What is the Best Solution to Keep Functioning during Blackouts?

Your business needs power to keep on thriving even when incoming utility power fluctuates or drops. A break in power coming from the grid can cause loss of productivity today in businesses around South Africa. But you can keep the lights on.With so many options available, your source of alternative electric power can have a big impact on its efficacy. UPS systems can protect your electrical equipment from damage and allow critical applications to continue. Whether you need transfer time to go from grid power to backup power or just need time to complete tasks, a UPS can help.

How Does an Uninterruptible Supply Device Work? How Can it Help Me?

Order your power solutions right away. This will ensure your electrical devices keep working. It also means your business will tick over.

Get a battery backup system for your electronic equipment. Unstable power conditions wreak havoc on critical equipment during rolling blackouts. A UPS Device (Uninterruptible Power Supply) offers essential power protection.

Your UPS battery will kick in the minute the power dips. It will also notify you when there are power outages. This happens the minute the device senses a loss of power.

What is a UPS Device? What Does It Do to Help Me Keep Functioning?

Your backup power contains a battery that “kicks in” when the device senses power failure. End users will have enough time to save data and exit their devices.

3 Smart Ways Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems Benefit Your Business

South Africa is experiencing some of the harshest power conditions in the world. Installing UPS for workstations and data centres will keep your IT running. It will also give you peace of mind.

1. Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems Keep You Going

When the power goes out, your will emergency power device will kick in. This will ensure that the supply of electricity to your devices is unbroken. You will have enough time to save your work.

You will also have time to shut down sensitive electronics. Choose a UPS system, such as a line-interactive UPS. This will ensure there is no breakdown in productivity.

2. Battery Backup Manages a Power Shift In Your Business

One of the best alternative power solutions is your UPS system. Your electronics will enjoy a longer operational life. Don’t let power cuts disrupt your work day. Invest in a power backup system to ensure you keep your doors open.

All power fluctuations could cause damage to your electronic devices. UPS systems prevent damage to sensitive electronics. Ensure you get the maximum load needed when selecting your UPS device.

A UPS stabilises voltage. We achieve this through a stable power output. Power users can now protect all office equipment, medical equipment. Do this with more-reliable power.

3. Surge Protection Makes a Difference Long Term

Power surges cause havoc with electrical systems. An alternative power source (UPS) monitors incoming voltage. Your UPS monitors spikes and surges. If your UPS detects a risk, the backup power will automatically kick in.

This emergency power will prevent voltage surges from reaching sensitive equipment. Power to battery power will prevent damage. The UPS reconnects once the threat has passed.

Find Out More About How You Can Buy Plenty of Time With PHD UPS Systems

Business owners your free quote today and find out how to protect your business operations. Find out everything you need to know about protecting your sensitive electronic equipment. Whether you invest in an entry-level UPS, or a more sophisticated system. We have one for every application.

Keep the electrical supply to your essential systems without interruptions. We are here to show you which alternate power source is best for you.


How Does Surge Protection Work? 

If you’re living in South Africa and subjected to unreliable electricity from the utility company (Eskom), knowing what surge protection is and how it works can protect your expensive equipment.

What is a Surge Protector?

A surge protector is a device that helps protect your electronic devices from sudden spikes or dips in voltage levels. In South Africa, these could include load shedding, power cuts, brownouts, and an unstable surge current that fluctuates.

Why is a Surge Protection Device Important?

An unstable power supply can damage your valuable electronic devices. Insurance companies seldom pay for claims for damage caused by dips and spikes in power supply. If you want your plugged-in devices to last longer and cost you less, surge protection is vital.

Voltage spikes can last between from 1 to 30 microseconds. These can sometimes reach 1000 volts! Most worrisome is that a single lightning strike could spike over 100,000 volts and fry electronic components in your devices.

Common Surge Protections in South Africa

1. Electric Mains Surge Protector Systems

These types of surge protector systems will protect your electronic equipment from lightning strikes. They also protect electrical devices from electrical surges from the utility. We install these devices on your electric mains board for the best results.

2. Strip Plug Surge Protectors

Lightning could bypass your electrical switchboard and travel through your home. Point of use surge strips and plugs will prevent power surge damage at entry and plug points for this eventuality. It’s best to get both forms of modern surge protectors to protect your devices from massive surges.

3. Uninterruptible Power Supply

Many UPS devices act as surge protection for any equipment plugged into them. The excess current or dips won’t affect your PC, laptop, Wi-Fi, or other devices when they are plugged into your UPS.


How Effective are Panel Surge Protectors in Protecting My Home?

Panel surge protectors are very effective in protecting all your electrical equipment from a surge in electricity. Direct lightning strikes can enter the home in other ways than the power grid. For example, lightning surges can travel along phone cable lines. For this reason, a multi-faceted approach to surge protection is important.

Does a Surge Protector Save Money On Utility Bills?

You won’t save money on your utility bill. But, you will save money by not replacing expensive devices as frequently. The function of a surge protector is to safeguard your electronic devices.

Why Do I Need Surge Protection if I Never Needed it Before?

Most areas across the globe experience unstable power. Lightning is one of the primary culprits. Electrical equipment is a lot faster and more compact. More so than in the past.

The overabundance of devices has made transient related problems a reality. Recent problems related to electronic equipment are more frequent than those in previous generations. The need to protect devices from a voltage spike and an electrical surge has become a necessity.

Protect Your Devices from Power Surge Damage with PHD Powerhouse

Find out everything you need to know about protecting your sensitive equipment from surges in power. Unexpected power surges can wreak havoc on your electronic devices. PHD Powerhouse can help you with surge protection devices that will safeguard delicate components in your expensive electronics from surges in electrical energy.

What's the Best UPS for Home Use in South Africa?

What is the Best UPS for Home Use in South Africa?

What is the Best UPS for Home Use in South Africa?

Working from home comes with its own set of challenges. A lack of power is at the top of the pile! A UPS system can and will make a vast difference, especially if you work from home.

Your UPS gives you enough backup power to save your work. It also gives you plenty of time to shut down sensitive electronic equipment correctly. UPS system offers surge protection too. The Question is, which is best for your home?

What Does a UPS Do and What are the Key Benefits of Having One?

During power outages, your UPS system offers battery power backup to sensitive equipment. Power cuts are harmful to routers, monitors, computers, and other devices. A UPS device provides automatic voltage regulation to avoid damage.

What Can I Expect During Power Failures?

When uninterruptible power supplies sense a loss of power from the grid, their battery automatically kicks in. As a result, you won’t have any interruptions in power supply to your connected devices. Your UPS offers a constant power source, although they are not meant to be used for an extended period.

When the power goes down while you are working on your computer, your UPS will notify you of a loss of power. You will have enough time to save your data. You will also have enough time to switch off your device safely.

What UPS System is the Best One for Home Office Use?

There are THREE different types of UPS systems available in South Africa? Various UPS systems are ideal for different applications. You won’t need a UPS under normal circumstances, but when the power goes down, having a backup is important.

The 3 Different Uninterrupted Power Supply Systems you get are:

  • Line Interactive UPS Systems. It has technology that responds automatically to low or high voltage conditions. It’s also ideal for supporting systems when there is a power outage with no battery drainage.
  • Offline UPS Systems. These types of UPS supply power to the load circuit directly from the AC mains when the power goes out.
  • Online Double-Conversion UPS Systems. This system uses a rectifier and power inverter to ensure safe, stable electricity that won’t damage your electronic devices.

What is a Battery Backup System and How Does it Benefit Me?

What do you rely on for your everyday communication, entertainment, and security when the power goes out? How do you keep everything running? A battery backup system is the answer for your home-based business.

  • Your UPS system will keep your computers, televisions, and gaming consoles functioning. It will also keep your mobile devices and security systems running for a couple of hours.
  • It will absorb any excess voltage from the utility.
  • Find one with additional features to fit in with your specifications. Perhaps you need one with an additional USB port to charge a mobile device or additional surge protection.

Get the Best UPS for Home at PHD Powerhouse

If protecting your high-end devices like your LCD display is a priority for you, a UPS is pertinent. You can get the best-rated UPS with elevated battery capacity to protect your devices from surges and outages at PHD Powerhouse. Your electrical equipment and critical systems will experience no power loss or power spikes, and your home will thank you.

UPS system

Why Every Business Needs a UPS Backup

Backup power is essential for South African businesses. A UPS is vital for protecting your electronics and the continued operation of your business in South Africa. 

You have a couple of options as a business owner to keep the lights on. What are you doing about protecting your sensitive equipment? Some options include standby generators or uninterruptible power supply devices.  

Some businesses use both as backup power supplies and to protect electronic equipment. UPS act as surge protection for connected equipment, so that sudden power supply changes don’t break sensitive electronics. 

How familiar is your company with uninterrupted power supply units? We answer a couple of questions. This will help you choose the right power source when experiencing unacceptable levels of power. 

How Does a UPS Backup System Act as a Source of Emergency Power? 

A UPS system is a battery backup system when the main power goes out. Your uninterruptible power source has sensory technology designed to detect fluctuations in the power grid. Thanks to this technology, electronic devices like your WiFi router and laptop won’t get damaged when loss of power occurs. 

But a UPS acts as more than just protection for when a power failure occurs. They can also supply you with some backup power and keep your Wi-Fi router on. You get constant power and enough time to finish any urgent tasks on your PC even after load shedding has started. 

Benefits of a UPS Backup for Your Business 

A power surge could reduce the longevity of your electrical apparatus. A UPS will protect equipment from voltage dips. It is there to prevent potentially destructive effects of unstable power. 

Power outages are a reality in South Africa. UPS is useful even if for a limited period. They may not keep your devices running for hours on end, but they will give you enough time to stay productive. 

With a UPS, you can ensure a smooth switch-over or transfer time to minimise damage. It acts as a backup battery s you can save your work. 

What Type of UPS Backup Does My Business Need? 

What type of temporary power backup unit will you choose for your business? Different models will offer a range of features. They will also offer varying levels of continuous power support.  

You can choose your UPS system to protect your equipment from unstable utility power. Choose from a wide range and enjoy normal operation during outages. 

Standard Standby UPS Systems 

The on-battery run-time of most uninterruptible power sources is normally quite short. Although they are short, they start a standby power source. The system will shut down sensitive equipment correctly, preventing a reduced lifespan in the event of power loss. 

Ferro-Resonant UPS Backup Systems 

We use Ferro-resonant power when we need a constant output of voltage. An uninterruptible power supply is required when there are instabilities in the utility voltage. Ferro-resonant power supplies can absorb fluctuations in the grid power supply.  

Line Interactive UPS Systems 

Businesses often select line-interactive UPS systems as an alternative power supply during unstable power conditions. This is one of many alternative power sources to choose from. 

These systems contain a tap-changing transformer and filter. They ensure the transition from the power grid to battery supply is smooth. It offers essential power protection to your sensitive equipment from over-voltage surges. 

Online UPS Systems 

The standard rule of an online UPS system is it uses the current from the utility. This takes place when transitioning to the battery power supply. This is how the system supplies true uninterrupted power during unstable power conditions. 

Delta Conversion as an Alternative Power Supply 

Delta conversion enhances the flow of power using an additional delta converter. 

Double Conversion Models 

Double conversion UPS systems are online systems. They use chargers as alternative power options. We use them for the monitoring of power for critical load applications. 

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5 Clever Load Shedding Tricks for When the Power Goes Out

Are you tired of living in darkness even though you pay your utility bills? You don’t have to be stuck without power and lighting whenever Eskom has issues. Use these simple hacks to brighten your day (or night).

Here Are 5 Clever Load Shedding Tricks to Keep Going When the Light are Out

1. Go Solar.

Installing solar is a good way to keep the lights on. Many solar providers offer pay off terms that allow you to pay an affordable monthly amount for your solar installation, making it more affordable. Solar lamps inside and out are another great idea during load shedding and are often much more affordable than an entire solar system.

You can even go solar with your cellphone charger. If you have an LED lamp with a USB port, you can also use it to charge your cell phone or other mobile devices during power outages.

2. Keep the Lights on with Battery-Operated Lights.

Battery-operated lanterns and torches are great to keep around when the power goes out. Invest in a couple of these cost-effective lights. You will find a range at your local supermarket or hardware store.

Many battery-operated lights have USB ports to charge your phone. These are a convenient, cheap and easy option that promise to keep you going.

2. Invest in gas! A Gas Braai or Two-Plate Stove Is a Brilliant Solution.

Gas stoves are becoming the more obvious solution when replacing your electric stove. Are you renovating your kitchen or building a new home? Your best choice should be a gas stove, since it keeps working even when the power goes out.

Invest in a little gas stove or braai for when the power goes out. Not only does a braai add a fun element to your cooking, it will feed hungry mouths. Portable camping gas stoves are perfect for making tea and coffee when you don’t have power.

3. Take Recycling to a New Level. Freeze Empty Plastic Bottles for Emergencies.

Recycle your empty cold drink and water bottles by filling them with water and freezing them. Power outages can last anything from a couple of hours to days! Keep your frozen food cold for long periods by freezing water.

  • You will do the environment a favour by recycling your plastic.
  • You will keep your food fresh for longer with this smart hack.

4. Invest in a Generator to Keep Your Lights on and Your Business Running.

A generator will keep you going and your business running during unstable power episodes. Investing in a generator could be the best thing you could ever do in South Africa.

Find the right generator for your specific needs. There are generators that will keep your entire house running. You can also get smaller ones that will keep your smaller appliances running.

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