How Does Surge Protection Work?

Living in South Africa with load shedding bouts is challenging. Plug-in surge protection devices are a necessity. They protect your connected equipment from unexpected power surges. Choose from our wide range of surge protection devices.

Protect your devices from direct lightning strikes with external lightning protection. A lightning surge can cause untold damage. Ensure you have a multi-plug high surge device for protection. Read the rest


Battery Monitoring Ensures Your Stand-by Batteries Are Doing Their Job

Investing in Battery Monitoring systems is a no-brainer when businesses and individuals rely heavily on critical systems and require the protection of UPS and battery banks.

For perfect peace of mind, it makes sense to have Battery Monitoring in place to ensure that your stand-by batteries are doing just that – standing by! Read the rest

PHD Powerhouse – What are Gel Batteries

Gel batteries are best suited to deep cycle applications and are fast becoming the favourite type of battery used for solar systems.

Gel batteries use one-way open valves that permit the internal gasses to recombine into water, and by doing so they remove the need to top up or the necessity to check on water levels. These batteries are robust and maintenance-free, plus they are extremely versatile. Read the rest