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Online UPS and line interactive UPS systems ( uninterruptible power supplies )

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Available UPS Systems in South Africa

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Line interactive UPS systems
Online double conversion UPS systems
Rack mounted UPS systems

We engineer systems from design of DB board layouts to the implementation of complete UPS System installations. We specialize in large UPS servers and small UPS systems for homes and UPS systems for computers, stand alone inverters or home standby ups/inverters and surge protection systems. We also provide a comprehensive service back-up on all its products and services, ensuring total comprehensive solutions to power conditioning problems.

PHD has a highly trained sales team that is able to give you the best advice and service, to ensure that your time spent with us is memorable, insightful and as profitable to you as possible.

AEC is a world leader in the UPS and substation industry, for more information on AEC UPS Systems, we invite you to go to their web page