Solar Connection Boxes


A Solar Connection Box Forms an Important Part of a Solar Array

We often overlook the junction box when installing off-grid systems powered by solar. We usually find solar connection boxes on the back of a solar module. They are often pre-installed components in a solar system.

Installers don’t pay them much attention during the solar panel installation process. Not until they need to connect the panels to power. Often, a solar panel installation guide will offer details about how to install the solar panel frame and the connection box.

What is the Main Purpose of a Solar Connection Box?

The solar connection box, or PV Junction Box, has a simple but important role. The primary function is to house all the solar cables of a solar panel. The idea is to protect the solar panel wiring from the elements.

The primary function of the connection box is to protect electrical equipment from moisture and keeps it within a safe temperature range. It also protects all the smart technologies within your solar system. Cold temperatures or extreme heat can damage the electrical wires and interconnection cables used in your system. A good PV junction box will keep your cabling within an acceptable temperature range.

Thanks to the connection box, you’ll have easy access to the wires that connect to the diodes inside. You cannot choose the type of junction box you get with your solar system. The reason is that they come readily manufactured. You can check the panel spec sheet to see which kind of connection box the system has.

Basics of a Solar Connection Box. What Does it Do?

The solar connection box houses diodes. These diodes ensure power flows in one direction. It also prevents the flow of power feeding back into the panels. A junction box or solar connection box is the most essential part of the solar panel.

Everything You Need to Know About Your Solar Connection Box

A diode enables an endless supply of power. In the solar connection box, a diode protects every string.

  • Any part of the panel not in direct sunlight will force the strings to consume power. This will reverse the flow of power. The diodes inside the solar connection box prevent this from happening.
  • If part of a solar panel is shaded, the strings will consume power. This reverses the flow of electricity. The function of the diodes inside the solar connection box is to stop this from happening.

What Are the Common Types Solar Connection Boxes?

There are 2 different solar connection box techniques manufacturers apply. These include:

Solder/Potting and Clamping.

This method involves soldering the foils to the diodes. We refer to the foils protruding from the solar panels. They then fill the connection box with adhesive materials. This keeps the soldered joint in place, preventing it from falling.

Clamping Production

We refer to clamping production when a simple clamp attaches the foil to the wires. No fumes or cleanups are required with this method. Prices on both methods hardly differ when making comparisons.

There are differing opinions on the production of junction boxes (also called solar combiner boxes). Considerations can include wire size, the size of the DC combiner, breaker terminals, and the method of roof mounting.

Where Can I Get My Solar Connection Box and Panels From? 

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