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5 Questions Asked About DB Board Protection

We have all heard about surge protection and DB Board Protection – yet many of us are a little unsure how this works and what there is to know about DB Board Protection. 


Here are five common questions asked about DB Board Protection 

When we install surge arresters in our DB Board in the office – does this mean that there will not be any damage? 

When DB surge arrestors are installed you will no doubt dramatically decrease the risk of damage to your electronic devices, although this does not mean that your sensitive equipment is completely safe. 

Should the supply of power dramatically increase (say, to 250 Volts) will the surge arresters protect all my office equipment? 

The answer is sadly no as the DB surge arresters are designed to protect against high energy surges but not as regulators for surges and spikes 

Explaining the differences between Type 1, Type 2 and Type 3 Surge Protection 

Type 1 and Type 2 surge arresters are installed underneath the incoming breakers. Type 1 surge protection is usually installed when there is a lightning bolt installed on a roof of a building. Type 2 is usually installed when there is no lightning bolt on the roof of a building. Type 3 is installed when the loads are sensitive to surges – such as computers and other electronic equipment 

If the Surge Arrester is disconnected – can this be re-set? 

The surge arrester, once disconnected will have to be replaced altogether and cannot be re-set 

Can I install 2 Surge Arresters and if so, will they increase surge protection? 

Installing 2 surge arresters won’t make any difference whatsoever to handling surges 

Distribution Board surge protection plays an important role in the world of commerce, and profitability depends largely on the competencies of many high-tech devices and systems. For effective protection you need to invest in a surge protector of at least 600 to 700 joules and higher – obviously, the higher, the more effective. The clamping voltage is what triggers the surge protector.