Backup Power

Backup Power This Winter

Are you looking for backup power this winter?

We have been advised to use electricity sparingly especially during the long, cold winter months; this is what Eskom is telling its South African consumers. Chances are that we are more than likely going to experience extensive load-shedding and blackouts as the country‘s energy reserves hit rock bottom.

Eskom has specifically cautioned South Africans to use less electricity during the peak hours from 5pm to 9pm. Did you know that demand during peak electricity usage could jump from 3 000 MW in one hour as households switch on their lights, heaters and stoves? This is according to Eskom’s stats – and although there is usually sufficient electricity during daylight hours, peak times is fast becoming problematic.

Why is backup power essential

Backup power has becomes invaluable, especially if you run a business, require power for a restaurant, hairdressing salon, manufacture goods, are in the mining industry or even those little establishments that are reliant on not experiencing down-time whatsoever. Households are also dependent on power to run computers, washing machines, cooking and other appliances.

Instead of getting out the candles and checking your emergency lights, it is time that every business and every household has a backup power system that will ensure you remain connected to the internet, are able to cook, wash, vacuum and for businesses to experience no interruptions when the power goes down.

Although there have been power disasters due to faults on local electricity networks, Eskom has not yet had to resort to involuntary load-shedding, but experts say it is only a matter of time before we return to those extended, dim days of 2008!

About two-thirds of Eskom’s power stations are ageing. Although about 43 000 MW can be produced, the power stations cannot yield at full volume. If power stations are not serviced on a regular basis they will soon break down and that is exactly what is happening to our power plants. As a result we are paying the price for keeping the lights on since 2008 at the cost of regular maintenance, and although Eskom was caught off-guard in 2008, they are becoming a little better prepared.

Don’t be caught off-guard this winter – instead invest in a backup power system this winter so that you don’t experience blackouts, downtime or dark periods. All you need to do is contact us to find out more about backup power systems and how they work.