hand holding an electric cable

5 Ways To Protect Your Business From Lightning Surges

At PHD we have come up with numerous surge protection options for your business that will ensure your electronics and other devices are protected during debilitating lightning strikes we are subjected to in South Africa. 

Five smart things you can do to ensure your electronics are taken care of during surges 

  • The PHD Surge Adapter is a Multi-Plug “Loop Through” device which is also a surge protector – this is an all-in-one device which can easily be configured in a workspace environment (it comes in a Loop Chain pattern) 
  • The PHD Telephone and Mains Surge Protection Unit is great when protecting any electronics that are connected to your telephone configuration in the workplace 
  • The DB Board Surge Protector is essential for the profitability of your business which plays an important role in the competence and dependability of numerous technologically advanced electronic devices in the office environment. The dependability of sensitive electronic equipment could be adversely affected by the increase of inferior quality power supply from the grid which is so often over-surged or under-surged. Protect your DB Board against lightning surges in a country where lightning has a high incidence of strikes and the power is unstable 
  • Voltage Surge Arrestors are mounted on the DB Board in an office building and are often the first protection against lightning strikes and other voltage surges. The idea is to steer the high voltage away from any sensitive electronics and devices that could be damaged during surges 
  • Black Box Conditioner and Filter Plug Surge Protectors are high-performance devices designed specifically for the protection of any sensitive electronic equipment against instabilities and surges on the main lines. These units are available in a range of designs which include one to five standard sockets or Powerite sockets. Additionally, the unit can come with graded filtration where two or more sockets are necessary. The guarded filtration will prevent background noise from the equipment plugged into PHDs Black Box. (A good example is a laser printer that could be noisy) 

Get protection from PHD Powerhouse for your electric fence, electric gates, intercom systems and more – lightning strikes are a real issue with South Africa experiencing high incidence of strikes per annum.