UPS Batteries (Semi-Sealed)

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If you are looking for load shedding solutions, semi-sealed UPS batteries offer the perfect solution.

UPS is also referred to as uninterruptible power supply or battery/flywheel backup. UPS can also be electrical equipment that provides an emergency power supply when the main source of power goes down – this is especially handy when we suffer the numerous bouts of load shedding that has become part and parcel of our everyday existence as South Africans.

A UPS is not an emergency power system or generator that will provide your PC with back-up systems for extended periods of time – instead these are specifically created for those events when there is a power shortage; an uninterrupted power supply that will supply you with sufficient energy and time to save your work on your PC and shut down all those important systems correctly.

Which UPS battery meets your needs?

Choosing the right UPS battery for your needs is often confusing and with so many claims that the new-fangled varieties are equipped to offer very high energy densities, delivering 1000 charge and discharge cycles, plus are paper-thin – you need to ask whether these actually work and serve the right purpose for the function required?

Lead Acid Batteries have been designed with economy uppermost in mind. Furthermore they have been created for larger applications where the weight is of little concern.

It is interesting to note that lead acid batteries are the preferred choice for hospital equipment, wheelchairs, emergency lighting and UPS systems.

Interesting UPS Battery facts:

  • Batteries come in a multitude of shapes and sizes.
  • Batteries are differentiated from each other by their chemical make-up, their voltage, size, their capacity, their delivery of power as well as numerous other factors.
  • It is interesting to note that batteries are able to operate as single cell batteries (such as those that power cell phones).
  • Otherwise they can be connected in series in order to deliver a couple of hundred volts that will serve a UPS system.
  • Here we look more carefully at Semi-sealed UPS Batteries to carry out this task.
  • These batteries are also used to drive an electric powertrain of a vehicle.
  • In some instances batteries have a high capacity yet cannot deliver too much power.
  • In other cases batteries could have a low capacity but can start up an engine with 300 amps.
  • A 30 MA on the other hand uses a battery that stores about 15 MW which is the same as 20 000 starter batteries and come with a hefty price tag.

To put you in the picture – one MW will supply 50 ordinary houses with power.
If you are looking at solutions for load-shedding, semi-sealed UPS batteries might be your best way forward.

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