Explaining Victron Inverters

Inverters are devices that convert electricity from direct current (DC) into AC, which is alternating current. With the correct transformers, AC can be any voltage. Inverters extract power from batteries to supply devices when the power goes out. 

In most instances, car batteries and marine batteries can supply enough power for up to an hour even when engines are switched off. The amount of power will always be dependent on the condition and the age of the battery. The amount of power will also depend on how demanding the equipment is that is being operated by the inverter. 

Victron Inverters are manufactured by Victron Energy in the Netherlands. This world-class manufacturing company is the forerunner in the manufacturing of power conversion equipment and has been doing so since 1975. Suffice to say, Victron supplies equipment globally presenting reliable off the grid inverters and chargers plus a broad spectrum of affordable, high-quality controllers. 

The Victron MultiPlus Inverter 

The MultiPlus Vectron Inverter is a multifunctional device as one can deduce from the name. The inverter plus charger is packaged in an elegant format with numerous features such as a true sine wave inverter, hybrid Power Assist technology, adaptable charging and numerous system integration additions and features. 

The MultiPlus comes complete with the unique PowerAssist feature which will stop overloading AC loads – these include shore power connections and generators. The battery charging will be adjusted automatically and reduced, thus preventing overloading. Second levels are designed to augment the generator output or shore-side supply with power that has been extracted from the battery. 

Another feature of the MultiPlus is the UPS function (Uninterrupted AC Power). When power from the grid fails, or when the generator power from the shore is disconnected, the inverter will be activated automatically, supplying any loads that are connected.  

All electronics – especially sensitive devices, will not be affected in any way whatsoever as the inverter’s switch over time is a couple of milliseconds.   

For higher power needs, up to six MultiPlus units can be run simultaneously.