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DB Board Surge Protection

It is vital to choose the right surge arrester and surge protection devices and circuit breaker configuration for your DB Board, and carry out in-depth risk assessment. 

Here are three things to do when looking for DB Surge Protection: 

  • Get familiar with the various types of DB Board Surge Protectors. Education is key and being armed with enough knowledge will set you on the right track 
  • It is vital to assess the risk of lightning strikes 
  • Use devices that will protect the Surge Protector itself 

The most debilitating surges are those that are caused by lightning strikes to buildings which can be calculated using methods supplied by the SABS. Read the rest

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The Load Shedding Survival Guide

Load shedding is here to stay and has become a fact of life for all South Africans – the smart thing to do is to ensure you are prepared for this eventuality as and when it happens. It need not be all doom and gloom when it happens; instead, get creative and come up with some fun things to handle the problem. Read the rest

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When to Use a Surge Protector

Power surges are a regular occurrence and are here to stay. We need to think smart and out of the box – if power surges are going to be a major part of our daily lives. It is imperative that we protect all sensitive electronics against these instabilities, whether they are due to power surges from the utility, or whether they are a direct result of lightning strikes that seem to be part of the lives of South Africans across all our provinces. Read the rest