Hand holding touch lighting power switches

The Load Shedding Survival Guide

Load shedding is here to stay and has become a fact of life for all South Africans – the smart thing to do is to ensure you are prepared for this eventuality as and when it happens. It need not be all doom and gloom when it happens; instead, get creative and come up with some fun things to handle the problem. 

Here are ten things to do when the lights go out: 

  • Invest in gas in the kitchen – cooking on gas is fun and inexpensive and a novel way to whip up excellent dishes. Gas braais are also fun when the weather is warm and balmy – what better way to spend a night with your loved ones than in the garden or on the patio braaiing meat over excellent conversation? 
  • Candles are still a great option for lighting up rooms. They are romantic and can add an element of relaxation while soaking in a hot bath. 
  • LED is the way to go – LED lights come equipped with USB outlets, too, so that you can always keep your phone charged  
  • Always keep those LED lights charged – when the lights go out, they switch on automatically 
  • LED lights that miners use strapped around your forehead is a brilliant way to read or sew during blackouts 
  • UPS systems will keep your computer or other important stuff going long enough for you to save your work or to switch down any tools you are busy using 
  • Generators are also useful for running electrical appliances and keeping some of the power going in the home, office or small business until the power comes back on 
  • Pack your deepfreeze with ice to ensure your food stays fresh and nothing is spoiled. This is especially important during very hot summer spells 
  • A good book is a great alternative to watching TV – but if the silence kills there is always data one can use to watch YouTube movies and listen to some good sounds 

There are many ways to keep frustration at bay during load shedding – all it takes is a little imagination and plenty of patience.