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DB Board Surge Protection

It is vital to choose the right surge arrester and surge protection devices and circuit breaker configuration for your DB Board, and carry out in-depth risk assessment. 

Here are three things to do when looking for DB Surge Protection: 

  • Get familiar with the various types of DB Board Surge Protectors. Education is key and being armed with enough knowledge will set you on the right track 
  • It is vital to assess the risk of lightning strikes 
  • Use devices that will protect the Surge Protector itself 

The most debilitating surges are those that are caused by lightning strikes to buildings which can be calculated using methods supplied by the SABS. Risks are elevated if buildings are exposed – for example, buildings that are situated in high positions such as those on mountains or hills. Other surges such as those that are caused by the switching on and off by the utility power are also harmful. These are surges that occur more often. 

To protect a distribution board a Type 2 arrester is mostly required. 

Risk Assessment 

Assessing risk is usually a complicated process – start by pinpointing the areas that are at greatest risk and those that are not at much risk at all. Once risk assessment has been carried out you can then shop around for the right DB Board Surge Protection. 

It is a known scientific fact that lightning strikes 90% of the earth with some parts far more prone to being struck than others. Lightning density is measured per kilometer per year (ng). A good example is that in South Africa lightning density is 150 ng, and Belgium a mere 1 ng! 

Always install a Type 2 Surge Arrester and if the distance between the arrester and the equipment is ten metres and more add a Type 2 or a Type 3 Arrester. 

In certain territories Surge Protectors are compulsory when protecting large facilities and sensitive environments such as medical facilities, data centres and hospitals, among other. 

DB Board Surge Protection plays a vital part in the profitability of any business which depends on high-tech, sensitive electronic systems and devices.