Eskom Load Shedding

Five Clever Tips to Make Life Easier During ESKOM Load Shedding

Love it or hate it – Eskom load shedding has become part of our lives. Eskom is in a crisis and therefore we are going to have to think up smart ways of adapting to keeping the lights on and at the very least, think of clever tricks to ensure you are never left in the dark. 

Here are five tips to make it easier for you to live through those long periods of darkness when Eskom switches off the lights: 

  • Gas stoves are a brilliant and cheaper alternative to your electric hob that guzzles electricity. It is a fast, efficient and cheap way of cooking your food. If connecting to a gas line is too costly, simply get a large gas bottle. 
  • A little primus stove is also great for making tea and coffee when the lights are out. A little camping gas bottle is a fantastic, quick alternative to an electric kettle. 
  • LED lights are great too. Keep them plugged into the socket when you go out so that you don’t enter a dark house. Some of these LED lights have a port where you can charge your phone – win, win all round! 
  • Solar power during blackouts is a good way of keeping the lights on – but not only during blackouts. This is perhaps one of the most user-friendly methods of weaning your business and home off the grid. 
  • During cold winter months make a flask of coffee and tea so that you have a hot drink whether you are having a blackout or not. This will also mean that you don’t continuously boil the kettle, saving on electricity. 

It’s the little things that make the biggest difference – think out of the box to make load shedding irrelevant. Go one step further and install solar power for during blackouts and huge power savings.