Electric plugs on an adaptor

When to Use a Surge Protector

Power surges are a regular occurrence and are here to stay. We need to think smart and out of the box – if power surges are going to be a major part of our daily lives. It is imperative that we protect all sensitive electronics against these instabilities, whether they are due to power surges from the utility, or whether they are a direct result of lightning strikes that seem to be part of the lives of South Africans across all our provinces. Lightning strikes in SA are high, according to statistics – more so than many countries (Belgium for one). We need to arm ourselves appropriately and with the right tools to ensure we don’t suffer expensive and unnecessary costs and damages to our sensitive items both in the office and home environments. 

Today we have a multitude of electronic devices which include sensitive PCs, laptops, microwaves and other machines that are made from delicate components. Microprocessors form part of the make-up of many of these delicate electronics – not only are they the bones of many expensive computers – they are also found in other equipment and electronics in the home. 

 The main function of having a surge protector might seem unnecessary, but if you would like to protect your machinery from being damaged during dips and hikes, blackouts and brownouts you should start changing the way you think. Many sensitive electronics are only able to function at their peak when they have a constant current to keep them running – a thought to ponder. 

Surge protectors are used for sophisticated electronics as these are prone to being damage. If devices are not damaged, they would more than likely have a shorter life span.  

Although PCs are your obvious electronic equipment that need protecting, numerous other electronics need protection in the work environment as well as the home environment.  

There is no point in getting a surge protector without an indicator light – these are essential as you need to assess whether your surge protector is in good working condition or not. Your equipment can still be exposed and could be damaged even if you connect all your devices to surge protectors. 

Computers that are connected to a modem need surge protection too as do phone lines and cables leading into buildings.