PHD Powerhouse – Fiamm Batteries

FIAMM Batteries are brilliant for telecommunication, UPS, solar systems and for battery back-up.

Because FIAMM batteries have been around for many decades, this range of sturdy batteries boasts being the stalwarts in the battery industry.

The company, which has mass-produced robust batteries since as far back as 1942, is based in Italy and manufactures world-class batteries for a wide range of applications that will take care of uninterruptible power supplies as well as producing batteries for numerous DC systems. Read the rest

Using Clean Energy – Renewable Resources

Renewable resources are natural resources that are utilised at a slower rate than they are generated (renewable meaning that it can be used time and again).

These include living reserves such as fish and forests which could last for time immemorial provided they are not over-exploited. Other renewable resources include the wind, water and sun which all assist in generating clean energy, producing minuscule amounts of greenhouse gases once they are put into operation, if any at all, and is commonly referred to as being “clean”. Read the rest

There are Three Types of Domestic Solar Systems to Choose From

Did you know that there are three different types of domestic solar power systems to choose from? You are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting from the wide range of offerings, and for many of us, it all depends on how confident you are regarding going off the grid.

The three types of domestic solar power systems include grid inter-tied, grid inter-tied with a battery backup system, and systems that operate 100% off the grid. Read the rest

Your Lights Will Stay On With a Turnkey Generator

Our power utility has become unreliable on all levels. For a couple of months the lights will happily stay on, and before long we soon forget how cumbersome and debilitating it is when the lights go out, but then we are subjected to hours and hours of darkness, which renders everything from the digital clock to the internet, useless.

We have come to realise that having Turnkey Generator Systems installed as there is a growing need for households and business from across the board to keep the lights on regardless; if you rely largely on electricity from your utility, as most of us do, then being left in the dark can find us helpless and frustrated, costing our businesses unnecessary down-time. Read the rest

Pointers Regarding Din Mount Power Supplies

Din Rails, simply explained, are metal strips of ordinary proportions. The Din Mount provides a user -friendly, speedy method of assembling any combination of electrical and electronic devices into application-specific systems.

Din Mount Power Supplies present compact solutions that are not only flexible, but are compact and completely functional.

Din Mount Rails are fast gaining popularity with controlling industrial systems as well as instrumentation and automation builders. Read the rest

It Is Important To Select Correct Enclosed Power Supplies

For those that don’t know, there is a fundamental difference between open power supplies and enclosed power supplies, although the differentiation is quite straight-forward and rather a simple one:

The one power supply has an open frame, whereas the other has an enclosed frame which protects it from the elements. These are the two fundamental differences, and the options are endless. Read the rest

Five Useful Things You Need To Know about Your Surge Protection Device

Don’t let surges ruin your expensive and sensitive equipment. Being forearmed is smart – ensure you do the shrewd thing by investing in a surge protection device.

But not everyone understands exactly how a surge protection device actually works; for those individuals that are keen to learn more and would like to become familiar with these devices, here are five useful things you ought to know about surge protection to gain maximum benefit at all times. Read the rest

Eco-Friendly Batteries

To get the most out of your eco-friendly renewable energy system for home or back-up power, you need a rugged, long-lasting solar photovoltaic battery. Scientists have created solar-flow batteries that use an eco-friendly batteries option, compatible solvent and needs a lower applied voltage to recharge the battery.

Energy generation from a solar-flow battery is said to be far more cost-effective, eco-friendly, and can achieve energy savings of as much as 20% compared to the run-of-the-mill lithium-iodine batteries. Read the rest

Keep Your World Charged With Solar Powered Batteries

Solar batteries are really deep cycle batteries that deliver energy storage for solar, wind and other renewable energy arrangements and differ from the normal car battery. Furthermore, these deep cycle batteries are robust and able to survive protracted, recurring and deep discharges which are typical in off the grid systems. A high capacity solar battery is brilliant for backup systems, off-grid configurations and other uses for deep-cycle storage. Read the rest

High Performance Meissner UPS

PHD Powerhouse – High Performance Meissner UPS

The Meissner UPS is a high-powered, dependable product that guarantees to safeguard sensitive electrical devices against numerous power challenges. Of special interest is that the Meissner 9340 UPS is able to offer a three-phase double conversion topology, combined with an IGBT rectifier, Hot Sync paralleling and sinusoidal input current. Installation is cost-effective plus there are other benefits such as the accessibility to the load, minor harmonics and protection 24/7. Read the rest