Solar Panels Company – Getting Creative And Saving On Power

When partnering with your Solar Panels Company, you will be pleasantly surprised how much information you will be able to glean regarding your utilities, saving on your bottom line.


Making full use of the many hours of sunshine we are fortunate to have in South Africa and using renewable energy to power your world, you can reduce, and even eliminate your dependency on the power grid altogether.


There are numerous different ways to power your home with renewable energy. Solar is perhaps the most common method. Solar panels that typically go onto the roof, can also be installed in the yard.

Bear in mind that an average household will consume at least a kilowatt of power, therefore, a couple of metres of solar panels should suffice for most of the needs to run a household, although your Solar Panels Company will be the best source of information regarding the most affordable and practical solutions to fit your budget and your needs.


Investigate whether your options could include solar shingles – this is when your standard rooftop solar panels are installed on top of your roof, with the shingles replacing the roof tiles.


For those that need to power their homes on cloudy days you will need to supplement your solar with electricity from the grid or other renewable energy options.


Solar power is also used to heat your home environment. Solar water heaters utilise the sun to heat water, which in turn can be pumped through heaters, taps or showers, and is a lot more cost-effective than heating water using the grid – an extremely greedy electricity guzzler.


There are many types of solar water heaters; each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Be certain to select the type of Solar Power Company to fit your personal needs best.