When choosing your UPS System, bear in mind that it is not about how much it costs, as the cheapest is not always best. The most pressing need would be to match up the size of the UPS system required to that of the equipment you are planning to support and what needs to be powered when there are dips and surges, brownouts and blackouts.

The where, what and how of your UPS System

You need to ask yourself a couple of pertinent questions before investing in a UPS System

  • What type of UPS System will you need to keep your world powered? Will it be the less expensive Offline UPS option that is not as accurate as the Online version, or will it be the more accurate Online UPS version that could cost more but will be more stable?
  • The UPS System that you need to select will have to have enough power for all the devices you are planning on keeping running during power hikes and dips, brownouts and blackouts
  • Compiling a list of the most pressing electrical issues you need to address is the most practical method moving forward when shopping around for UPS backup systems
  • For your UPS System to run at its optimum you need to match like with like; in other words, the one that is large enough to keep everything going
  • It is important to find out the UPS capacity as this will determine exactly how large your UPS System should be
  • UPS Systems are measured in Watts – the higher the capacity the more electrical devices it will be able to power
  • Calculate the load to find out the UPS Capacity for accuracy
  • To determine the load, it is advisable to add up all the watts each device uses or contact the manufacturer; alternatively contact the manual

Medical institutions, production houses, schools, universities, libraries, restaurants, businesses both large and small simply cannot afford to have the power go off as this could prove to be detrimental to the business and will lead to loss of earnings.

When the power goes off and comes back on causing huge hikes, it could damage sensitive machinery and electrical devices beyond repair – invest in an accurate UPS System to ensure your devices are kept running and protected at all times.