How to Tell If You’ve Had a Power Surge

We live our lives around the convenience of electricity. This includes everything from computers to household appliances. We need to take all the steps to protect our electric appliances and gadgets from harmful power surges. 

You will soon realise there has been a power surgeThere are a few signs that may show your appliance or device experienced a power surge: 

  • The lights of digital devices and clocks will flash 
  • Devices stop working or are switched off 
  • A burnt, acidic acrid smell will emanate from the device
  • Surge protectors need resetting 

What is a Power Surge?

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What Is Eco-Tourism? The Top Five Eco-Friendly Lodges in Africa

Eco-tourism is about leaving your footprints softly on the Earth. The elephants that live around these wild places should leave the only heavy footprints. Source lodges and safari camps when traversing the content of Africa that take eco-tourism seriously. 

Choose safari lodges serious about preserving wildlife. Also, those that support the communities that live in the surrounding areas. Read the rest