Is Surge Protection Neccessary

Electricity moves from areas of high electric potential to areas of low electric potential, travelling from one end of a wire to the opposite end. 

There is one vital job that a surge protector needs to perform, and that is to detect any excess voltage and to then divert the excess electricity into a grounding wire; the very reason why all surge protectors are equipped with a grounding pin (the third prong on an electrical plug). Additionally, all surge protectors must be plugged into a properly grounded outlet for them to work. 

The main culprit of electrical surges are electrical devices that require plenty of power to operate, and all depending on the wiring of your home or office, you may notice at times that the lights flicker when powerful devices are turned on and off such as air conditioning units. 

If these devices are switched on, they demand plenty of power which puts a strain on the grid and can cause surges. 

Why use a surge protector and why surge protection is necessary 

  • A surge protector should be used all the time 
  • What matters most is which types of devices should be connected to a surge protector – these include costly electrical devices such as computers, music systems, computers and media centres 
  • It is often difficult to find good quality surge protection for your individual requirements, but shopping around and asking professional advice will put you in good stead 

It is important to know that surge protectors only have a limited lifespan depending on how often they are put to work. Even when the surge protector diverts a surge correctly to prevent damage to your electrical devices, the protector itself can be damaged when this process takes place. 

One of the most important features of a surge protector is an indicator light; an indicator light will let you know that your surge protector is in good working condition and if the light no longer works, then it is time to replace your surge protector. 

Surge protection is vital when it comes to protecting electrical devices as it could save your expensive equipment from damage in the long run.