How to Tell If You’ve Had a Power Surge

We live our lives around the convenience of electricity. This includes everything from computers to household appliances. We need to take all the steps to protect our electric appliances and gadgets from harmful power surges. 

You will soon realise there has been a power surgeThere are a few signs that may show your appliance or device experienced a power surge: 

  • The lights of digital devices and clocks will flash 
  • Devices stop working or are switched off 
  • A burnt, acidic acrid smell will emanate from the device
  • Surge protectors need resetting 

What is a Power Surge? 

  • A power surge happens when power flowing through an outlet is not delivered at a constant. The power could fluctuate between120 volts and 169 volts.  
  • Power does not flow constantly or evenly 
  • Damaging power surges is greater than 169 volts.  

What Happens When the Power Surges? 

  • When the power utility switches grids, power surges originate from this source 
  • Power surges also happen when there are electrical malfunctions in transformers or transformer lines 
  • Other power surges occur from lighting strikes. Gauteng is especially privy to lightning strikes 
  • Power surges can occur within the home or office. When air-conditioning units and refrigerators turn on and off, small surges occur 
  • There are brief power surges. The lights might flicker because the motors require extra energy 

Why Do Power Surges Cause Damage? 

Voltage surges over and above the usual operating voltage can cause an arc of electrical current. This occurs within the electrical device. Lighting strikes cause extreme power surges.  These often cause permanent damage suddenly. Smaller surges accumulate over time, causing damage to your electrical appliances. They do not do immediate damage, but over time the damage becomes noticeable. 

Use Surge Protectors from PHD to Prevent Electrical Surge Damage 

Invest in a surge protector to protect your appliances inside your home or office. PHD offers a wide range of top-notch surge protectors for all appliancesA surge protector diverts voltage surges, directing them safely to the ground.