How to Fight Load Shedding in 2021

As load shedding becomes an everyday occurrence, you can apply many smart hacks. This will keep you happy and functioning. Eskom has upped its game and load shedding seems to be here to stay. At least for the immediate future. 

We cannot do anything about load shedding, but we can make it a more comfortable experience when it happens. Power outages are influencing the way we are working online. Load shedding plays havoc on our devices. 

Five Smart Things to Do When the Lights Go Out 

1. Go Solar. 

Installing a solar geyser is the most cost-effective thing you will ever do. It will save you an untold amount of money. Investing in solar lights makes sense, especially on the perimeter of your property.  

2. LED is the Smart Way to Light Up. 

LED lights are easy to buy at your local hardware store. They will give you enough light when you are plunged into darkness during load shedding. Keep them charged to ensure they offer you enough lighting. Many come with USB ports that will solve your recharging issues.  

3. Think Out of the Box. 

Charging all your electronic devices, phones, PCs, and laptops will give you opportunities to keep busy during load shedding. You can listen to music, watch movies, and keep connected when the lights go out. It is important to load an App so that they always keep you in the loop when to expect load shedding. Forewarned is forearmed.  

4. Protect Your Electronics. 

Unplugging your cable is the cheapest way to protect your electronic equipment. Unplug these from the walls as a socket plugged in is still live. This applies to power surges, which is one of the biggest causes of damaging equipment.  

5. Make Load Shedding Easier.  

It is easy and effective to get a multi-plug with a built-in fuse. It is a simple concept. When surges occur, it will activate the fuses inside the plug. This is a circuit-breakers and cuts the connection to the mains. This will save any appliances or equipment connected to the plug.  

6. The PHD Powerhouse Difference  

Making a difference to the way you protect your electrical equipment and keep the lights on is what we do best. From solar to surge protection devices, UPS, and more. We are making a difference in the way you live and the way we operate online. Get a quote today and make a difference to your life by keeping the lights on and glowing in an otherwise dark world. 


Everything You Need to Know About Protecting Your Electronics

Load shedding is here to stay. Your electrical appliances have probably experienced surges. Load shedding has had a negative effect on many electrical appliances. This has caused untold damage.  

6 Ways to Protect Expensive Electronics 

  1. Always unplug all your equipment. By unplugging your equipment, you will remove the power source. We experience damage to our appliances through power surges. The best protection is through prevention.  
  1. Invest in Surge ProtectorsProtection devices are a lifesaver for sensitive equipment. A smart idea is investing in a surge protector plug with adaptors. You can use surge protection for your devices and also for your mains board. Surge protectors protect your equipment from excessive energy. It will redirect surges to the earth wire in your surge protector.  
  1. Get a UPS. Investing in a UPS is worth your while. Many of us are working from home and rely on the internet to work and studyDuring load shedding, we lose time, and time is money. UPS devices are vital for electronics. These include your modem, PC, phones, and router. Your UPS is a brilliant solution for isolating and filtering power surges. Protect your devices in any way you can from surges and outages.  
  1. Check your insurance policy. Are you protected from damage if your electric equipment gets damaged? Now is the time to read the fine print on your insurance policy schedule. This way you will find out exactly what they do and what they do not protect when damaged.  
  1. Use surge protection strips. Surge protecting strips are a great way to protect your electronics. This is a fast, simple solution to protect your appliances. Simply plug and play. The fuses in a power strip come with a built-in surge protector. The fuse fails when the power spikes. Thus, cutting off power to your appliances. This is a great way to protect your devices and equipment.  

PHD Powerhouse Sheds Light on Ways to Protect Your Electronics  

Load shedding is a reality, and it is here to stay. PHD Powerhouse is shedding light on ways to protect all your electronic equipment and devices. By installing simple devices at a nominal cost, you can save the day. At PHD Powerhouse, we are shedding the light on simple ways to make a big difference. We can guide you in ways to ensure your equipment won’t get damaged.