How to Fight Load Shedding in 2021

As load shedding becomes an everyday occurrence, you can apply many smart hacks. This will keep you happy and functioning. Eskom has upped its game and load shedding seems to be here to stay. At least for the immediate future. 

We cannot do anything about load shedding, but we can make it a more comfortable experience when it happens. Power outages are influencing the way we are working online. Read the rest

Everything You Need to Know About Protecting Your Electronics

Load shedding is here to stay. Your electrical appliances have probably experienced surges. Load shedding has had a negative effect on many electrical appliances. This has caused untold damage.  

6 Ways to Protect Expensive Electronics 

  1. Always unplug all your equipment. By unplugging your equipment, you will remove the power source. We experience damage to our appliances through power surges. The best protection is through prevention. 
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