Voltage Stabilisers

Four Important Facts About Voltage Stabilisers

Voltage Stabilisers are essential in an environment that is rife with brown-outs, blackouts and more due to cable theft and other issues that we deal with on a daily basis regarding our power from the utility supplier. 

Listed here are four interesting facts to put you in the loop regarding Voltage Stabilisers: 

  • Voltage Stabilisers protect your appliances from both high and low voltage damage.
  • There’s a distinct difference between a Voltage Stabiliser and a UPS, which offers Uninterruptible Power Supply and will feed your electrics with power to ensure that you are kept up and running at all times – this is especially true for those reliant on computers and medical equipment. During power outages, your UPS has a battery that will maintain the flow of power when the utility cannot continue the supply for many reasons.
  • Your Voltage Stabiliser, on the other hand, is a device that will feed continued voltage current to your electrical items and will safeguard them from any potential damage accrued as a result of voltage fluctuations. 
  • A common question is – how does the Voltage Stabiliser work? Your Voltage Stabiliser operates off a transformer where the input current is connected to the main windings and output is established from tributary windings. The electromagnetic relays are activated when there is a drop in the power; when there is a spike in the incoming power, this will happen in reverse. 

A Voltage Stabiliser is essential in maintaining continuous voltage levels of power to avoid damage occurring to any electrical devices. 


Power Conditioning Products and Solutions

Power Conditioning Products

Prevention is always better than cure, particularly as far as your expensive electronic equipment is concerned. 

Short-lived voltage surge protectors are required to safeguard your sensitive electronic equipment from being damaged through surges of power. But did you know that these are not the only eventualities that your equipment needs to be protected from? 

Power quality is often degraded through voltage sags, voltage swells and outages that might need voltage power conditioning products – examples of these power conditioning products include voltage regulators, power conditioners, UPS devices (Uninterruptible Power Supply) and battery backup units. 

Invest in products from the professionals that are well-versed in taking care of a variety of issues – ensure your electrics are never damaged by these: 

  • Power outages that have become regular occurrences. 
  • Voltage dips. 
  • Voltage spikes. 
  • Short-lived over-voltages. 

Typically AC power conditioning products supply clean AC power to electrical equipment – in particular equipment that is sensitive to numerous dips, spikes, blackouts and brownouts. These devices are typically installed and used in offices and home applications. 

The distinctive configuration of power conditioners comes equipped with as many as ten outlets providing surge protection and noise filters. 

Power conditioning products play an integral role in safeguarding your expensive electronic equipment – and as the saying goes – prevention is always better than cure.