Invest Smartly and Ensure the Lights Stay on in Your Business

Keeping your lights on is what matters exponentially. This is perhaps what will matter most once normality resumes after the lockdown period has ceased and life goes back to being normal in a sense. Although most of us realise that “normal” will not be quite what it used to be, especially for many small to mediumsized enterprises, it is still important to keep doors open and revenue flowing. 

Our power utility is not under pressure at present, but before we know it everyone will be back at work and power usage will go up, especially with the cold winter months staring us in the eye. And yes – the dreaded load shedding will be part of our lives once again. 

Get prepared and arm your business with smart devices that will keep the power on and protect all delicate equipment from brownouts, blackouts, surges and dips. These can all play havoc on data, delicate devices and other equipment or electrical machines that you have in the home office or the office, factory, retail outlet, restaurant or any other place you call your work environment. 

Additionally, summer will soon be left behind, but before long the summer storms will be back in full force and intense lightning strikes can be expected that will wreak havoc on your electrical equipmentranging from computers to land lines. 

You Have a Couple of Options to Keep those Lights Burning Regardless – Here’s How 

UPS Systems 

PHD offers the widest range of UPS Systems in South Africa which include Line UPS Systems, Online Double Conversion UPS Systems and Rack Mounted UPS Systems 

Surge and Lightning Protectors 

PHD offers a range of Surge and Lightning Protectors including Household Surge Protection (perfect for home offices and those working online), DB Board protection and Office Surge Protection 


Inverters from PHD include Pure Sine Wave Inverters and Modified Sine Wave Inverters 

Batteries and Battery Backup Systems 

PHD supplies UPS Battery Cabinets, Battery Backup Power and Battery Backup Systems 

Solar Panels 

These include Solar Panels, Solar Connection Boxes, Solar Regulators and Home Solar Systems that are perfect for the home office or for those that work remotely from home. 

Your small or medium enterprise needs to keep the doors open when the power goes out. PHD supplies generators, power supplies, voltage stabilisers and more that will ensure you continue operating no matter what the grid decides to do. The only challenge is choosing the right one for your business. 


lights at a restaurant

Debunk Myths That Energy Used By Your SME is Seasonal

Most small businesses claim that their number one unpredictable and highest costs are their energy bill. Most of the energy used in businesses is electricity – it is time to start choosing practices that are energy-efficient to reduce these costs. It is a myth that energy used by SMEs is a seasonal issue – it isin fact, an all-year-round challenge. 

Small to medium businesses have the potential to save energy – this is usually dependent on the type of business and building they operate from. By sourcing energy-saving practices, SMEs can save between 10 to 30% on their energy bill. Straightforward efficiency practices and adjustments on behaviour can be easily adjusted without compromising on employee comfort. 

By Implementing a Couple of Energy-Saving Practices You Can Cut Your Energy Consumption 

Get Your Employees Involved 

It takes a team effort to save energy – it is a combined effort that will reap the biggest rewards. Get everyone involved and encourage your team to share their ideas on how they can innovatively safe energy and find ways to save costs. Before long you will have an energy-efficient culture in the office. 

You Can Pinpoint Your Biggest Energy Waste Through the Application of Data Analytics 

Use cutting-edge technology to pinpoint how and where energy is wasted in the office. Understanding how and where energy is wasted and where you can run a more efficient operation will put money back into the bank. 

How Much Energy Does Your Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Consume? 

Your heating and aircon systems will perform less efficiently through wear and tear if they are not maintained properly from the get-go. Before every summer and winter season have these services, which will lead to longevity and save on repairs. 

Clean those filters  

Air particles need to be cleared from filters of heating and cooling systems during peak cooling and heating periods as this will result in more efficiently run systems, better quality air and ensure longevity. 

Filter Sunlight During Hot Summer Months to Save on Airconditioning Units 

Use solar film on your windows, awnings and plant trees and shrubs to filter the sun and direct it from the windows. Control direct sunlight with blinds. 

There is no Time Quite Like the Present to Install Solar Power 

Solar power will offer power security for your SME when the lights go out. Additionally, solar power will enable your business to be protected from rising energy costs and can be an all-round tool to implement energy strategic costs. 

Take A Tax Break by Installing Solar 

Take full advantage of any tax breaks or incentives when installing solar for your business. There are substantial tax breaks that have been placed by National Treasury to incentivise small to medium business to install their own generation of power by installing grid-tied ground-mounted or rooftop solar systems to generate power to warehouses, factories, farms, parking lots and buildings of every description. 

It is time to think out of the box when investigating ways to save power in your small to medium enterprise. Ask other small enterprises what systems they have implemented to make energy savings.