Why Going the Meissner Uninterrupted Power Supply Route Makes Sense

Meissner has created a state-of-the-art range of UPS units that will guarantee all sensitive equipment is kept up and running at all times – when the lights go out, and when there are dips and spikes in the power utility. 

The best part of all is that these UPS systems have been artfully created to take on even the toughest challenges and are brilliant for environments that are less than ideal – in other words, they are perfect for rugged and unkind environments in industries that include light and heavy industrial environments, and the mining and automotive industries, amongst others. 

The advantage of installing Meissner Interrupted Power Supplies is that they are transformer-based systems that are able to absorb currents that consist of high currents where Meissner systems simply cannot cope with unforgiving and harsh situations. 

How Meissner Uninterrupted Power Supplies work: 

The Meissner UPS contains an online configuration that consists of a static bypass switch which is pretty standard. 

Furthermore, a manual switch is added for additional dependability, which is easy to service. There are alarm systems and on/off switches which can be found on the front of the unit. 

Meissner Uninterrupted Power Supplies comes with standard protection to minimise damage caused by lightning strikes, too. 

The MP range is pleasing to the eye with cabinet and standardised batteries housed within the cabinet. For extra battery run-times, there is a separate matching battery cabinet available as well. 

There’s a Definitive Formula When Calculating UPS Runtime

To calculate UPS Runtime you need a certain formula to do so. 

But what exactly is run time? Runtime refers to how long a battery will last when being used or under a certain load. Think cell phone or PC battery life – everyone is aware that a battery needs to be recharged when using these devices. 

There are three factors that are taken into account when measuring runtime. The first is the hardware itself – how good a condition is the battery to begin with? Secondly, runtime will depend on the amount of current that the load draws from the battery. 

The third factor that will be taken into consideration when measuring the runtime of your battery will be the system itself – in other words, the inverter and the wiring that connects the device to the UPS system. 

This is the formula that is commonly used to calculate Battery Run Time: 

Although there is seldom a 100% efficiency factor when hooking up a battery with a device, the formula below will be based on this case scenario: 

The formula generally used is 10 X the capacity of the batter in amp hour divided by the load of the device in watts. The formula can be found on the label of a lead acid battery. 

If you are using your device long-term from a battery unit, it is advisable to recharge your battery on a regular basis. 

Running a battery until it runs flat is not good for the battery as it will reduce the life of the battery. 

Calculate UPS Runtime to ensure longevity of your battery.