Voltage Stabilizers

What Exactly Is A Voltage Stabiliser And How Does It Work?

A Voltage Stabiliser is also referred to as an Automatic Voltage Stabiliser, AC Voltage Stabiliser or Voltage Regulator.

An Automatic Voltage Stabiliser has been created to automatically maintain a constant level of voltage so that your electrical equipment would be protected at all times against over-voltage, under-voltage as well as surges, leveling impulsive noise. Read the rest

Solar Batteries

Important Stuff You Need to Know About Battery Backup Systems


Granted an inexpensive power strip might do the job quite adequately to protect your computer or other equipment from power dips and hikes but it will not help when it comes to power outages and when your systems come to a halting crash.

There is important stuff you need to know about battery backup systems – something that everyone should know if they have experienced power dips and spikes or rolling blackouts. Read the rest