Calculating Your UPS Runtime to Keep Your Power On

Where does Eskom’s power go, what is the Government doing about power theft, advancements in Renewable Energy and UPS Systems.

Most South Africans are kept in the dark regarding the where, what, how and why regarding power – all we care about for the most part is how expensive it is to have electricity which usually takes a large chunk from any budget or when the lights go out and how this affects us negatively, whether it is the work environment or within the home. Read the rest

Blackouts & Power Outages – How We Can Use Less Electricity

We tend to bury our heads in the sand when we don’t experience blackouts and power-outages, soon forgetting that these are both unpleasant, cost us money and simply destroy electrical equipment.

Load-shedding is only for the winter months when everyone needs power to cook and to warm their homes, to keep their offices running and the air-conditioning units in office blocks and shopping centres up and running – right? Read the rest

Lightning Protection From Lightning Strikes

Living in South Africa exposes us to lighting strikes. And even though we simply love our storms during the summer months (this is especially the case in Gauteng), dramatic thunder and skies dissected by bolts of crashing lightning herald many late summer afternoon storms that present a remarkable spectacle and outdoor theatre.

Even though lightning offers a melodramatic display and is quite lovely to behold it can also prove to be quite lethal and in many instances rather damaging. Read the rest

Sustainable Energy is Needed By All

Albert Einstein once said “we cannot solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them”. Well said, Einstein, but we still have an issue when it comes to the energy and power dilemma we are faced here in South Africa. Read the rest