Backup Power Supply

Why is it Important to Have Backup Power Supply in South Africa?

Load-shedding is something we live with in South Africa. But the rest of the world is fast catching up. Load-shedding is a reality in 2022 and it seems it is here to stay. This is the main reason we need to come prepared. Backup power supplies come in many shapes and sizes.

Why a Backup Power System? What is a Power Backup System?

A backup system is a system that backs your systems up when the power goes down. When the power grid is unstable, your backup supplies an interruptible power supply. This is when the power from Eskom goes down.

 4 Key Reasons for Power Outages in South Africa

The most common reasons for power outages in South Africa include:

  1. Theft of power cables
  2. Load-shedding when there is not enough power supply for the country
  3. Faulty cables
  4. An infrastructure that is ageing

How Are Businesses Affected by Power Outages & What Can We Do?

The biggest challenges businesses have when the power goes out is loss of income. Productivity is also affected, especially if you run a manufacturing plant of sorts.

Security is a problem and power outages are an inconvenience. Plus, the power going on and off will damage sensitive electrical equipment. Businesses could experience financial losses resulting from power surges.

Why Businesses of All Sizes Need a Backup Power Supply

It seems like all South Africans need uninterruptible power supply for electronic equipment. Load shedding influences businesses of all sizes.

Power blackouts could affect production entirely, or it could simply be an irritation. Outages affect security systems and electronic devices might get damaged.

  • Every business is unique. Backup power solutions will differ from one business to the next.
  • PHD Powerhouse has a solution for your unique business.
  • Get the Backup System Unique to Your Business

2 Important Questions When Investing in Backup Systems

Do your research carefully when adding a backup system to your business. You don’t want to fork out monies, only to find you don’t have the right uninterruptible power supply. Load shedding is here to stay.

Find out which one suits your niche industry. There is a wide range to choose from. Some have a short battery life, and others a longer power supply.

Get peace of mind by getting adequate uninterruptible power supplies.

  1. How much backup power does your business need
  2. How long will you need backup power supply solutions to last for?

The answers to these 2 important questions will steer you in the right direction.

PHD Powerhouse is Supplying Businesses with Backup Power

PHD Powerhouse is Supplying Businesses with Backup Power

Are you looking for the right power supplier for your business? Do you wonder whether you need a battery & inverter or a generator? Is it a solar system you are thinking of investing in?

We have the right backup battery solutions for your business, no matter what size. We are here to guide and assist, no matter what type of business you run.

You might have an individual shop in a shopping Centre, or you might need something a little more power. Call PHD Powerhouse for the most cost-effective solution to your power woes. Get the best out of backup supplies for your business.