UPS system

Why Every Business Needs a UPS Backup

Backup power is essential for South African businesses. A UPS is vital for protecting your electronics and the continued operation of your business in South Africa. 

You have a couple of options as a business owner to keep the lights on. What are you doing about protecting your sensitive equipment? Some options include standby generators or uninterruptible power supply devices.  

Some businesses use both as backup power supplies and to protect electronic equipment. UPS act as surge protection for connected equipment, so that sudden power supply changes don’t break sensitive electronics. 

How familiar is your company with uninterrupted power supply units? We answer a couple of questions. This will help you choose the right power source when experiencing unacceptable levels of power. 

How Does a UPS Backup System Act as a Source of Emergency Power? 

A UPS system is a battery backup system when the main power goes out. Your uninterruptible power source has sensory technology designed to detect fluctuations in the power grid. Thanks to this technology, electronic devices like your WiFi router  and laptop won’t get damaged when loss of power occurs. 

But a UPS acts as more than just protection for when a power failure occurs. They can also supply you with some backup power and keep your Wi-Fi router on. You get constant power and enough time to finish any urgent tasks on your PC even after load shedding has started. 

Benefits of a UPS Backup for Your Business 

A power surge could reduce the longevity of your electrical apparatus. A UPS will protect equipment from voltage dips. It is there to prevent potentially destructive effects of unstable power. 

Power outages are a reality in South Africa. UPS is useful even if for a limited period. They may not keep your devices running for hours on end, but they will give you enough time to stay productive. 

With a UPS, you can ensure a smooth switch-over or transfer time to minimise damage. It acts as a backup battery s you can save your work. 

What Type of UPS Backup Does My Business Need? 

What type of temporary power backup unit will you choose for your business? Different models will offer a range of features. They will also offer varying levels of continuous power support.  

You can choose your UPS system to protect your equipment from unstable utility power. Choose from a wide range and enjoy normal operation during outages. 

Standard Standby UPS Systems 

The on-battery run-time of most uninterruptible power sources is normally quite short. Although they are short, they start a standby power source. The system will shut down sensitive equipment correctly, preventing a reduced lifespan in the event of power loss. 

Ferro-Resonant UPS Backup Systems 

We use Ferro-resonant power when we need a constant output of voltage. An uninterruptible power supply is required when there are instabilities in the utility voltage. Ferro-resonant power supplies can absorb fluctuations in the grid power supply.  

Line Interactive UPS Systems 

Businesses often select line-interactive UPS systems as an alternative power supply during unstable power conditions. This is one of many alternative power sources to choose from. 

These systems contain a tap-changing transformer and filter. They ensure the transition from the power grid to battery supply is smooth. It offers essential power protection to your sensitive equipment from over-voltage surges. 

Online UPS Systems 

The standard rule of an online UPS system is it uses the current from the utility. This takes place when transitioning to the battery power supply. This is how the system supplies true uninterrupted power during unstable power conditions. 

Delta Conversion as an Alternative Power Supply 

Delta conversion enhances the flow of power using an additional delta converter. 

Double Conversion Models 

Double conversion UPS systems are online systems. They use chargers as alternative power options. We use them for the monitoring of power for critical load applications. 

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