Which UPS is Best for Home? Your Guide to Choosing a UPS

UPS systems come in different designs and use different methods to support varying backup loads. Find out which one is best for your home here.

Choosing the Right UPS for Your Home.

The reality we face is a world where load shedding happens almost daily. An uninterruptible power supply is one of the best investments you can make in a world where many of us work and function online. Keep everything running during a power failure. Make a cup of tea and carry on working with the right UPS for your home.

You can protect sensitive electronics with uninterrupted power supply. Make sure your LCD screen and Wi-Fi router stays on when you experience power cuts. Avoid dangerous surges by maintaining a constant power supply even when power failures occur in your area. Automatic voltage regulation can increase the lifespan of your expensive electronics.

There are 3 Different Types of Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems

  1. Offline UPS systems.
  2. Line-interactive UPS systems.
  3. Online double-conversion UPS.

Voltage? Price? Size? You Get What You Pay for When Buying a UPS.

Many surge protection systems sold in South Africa are imported from China. Large international manufacturers use the same Chinese manufacturer with a couple of tweaks to make make it their own. The three key UPS systems use different technologies for the best backup power solutions.

1. Offline UPS Devices

Offline UPS systems have a battery charger large enough to charge the UPS battery. This UPS system runs off battery power, which is key to power the whole system. The inverter is unable to run at its rated VA capacity for long periods.

It is designed to the limits of the inverter’s components. Offline UPS Systems usually start overheating after about 20 minutes. Your offline UPS system is the one most households buy.

When investing in a UPS system, it is advisable to do your homework first. This will avoid disappointment. PHD Powerhouse offers a range of UPS systems to fit a variety of requirements.

Your offline UPS system is always switched off, except when it is charging the battery. The inverter will connect in a couple of seconds and feed the connected load with its inverter. This takes place until the battery runs flat.

Most IT loads are not affected by the switch-on time of the inverter. An offline UPS is inexpensive and an easy solution for backup loads. It cannot, however, handle heavy loads such as kettles and geysers.

2. Line Interactive UPS Protection

Line-interactive UPSs have a battery charger that only charges the UPS backup battery. The inverter is always on. This does not supply the load.

Your line interactive UPS system follows the mains AC supply. If the mains AC supply goes down, your Line Interactive UPS System takes over. The inverter is on the switch-on to inverter time. The switch on time is shorter and more user-friendly for sensitive loads.

Your line-interactive UPS system is usually fitted with an AVR (automatic voltage regulator). This device will help regulate the mains supply feeding the load under normal power supply conditions. It is therefore more stable.

3. Online Double-Conversion Uninterrupted Power Supply

An online double-conversion UPS system is your top-of-range UPS backup system. Enjoy ultimate power stability for critical loads that are connected to your UPS device. Your online double-conversion UPS system will work for long periods with superior battery life.

This is the best solution when you next experience a power outage. You need not worry that your sensitive equipment will get damaged with superior battery backup. If this UPS system is in your price range, you should consider investing in one. This will work for longer periods.

Why you Should Invest in a UPS. Your Number One Partner to Help in the Dark!

Experiencing power cuts? Now you can keep working, make that special cup of tea, and carry on like nothing is happening. It’s all possible with the right UPS device.

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Find out more today about PHD’s excellent range of UPS systems. Never get left in the dark again with our power.

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