front view of an Uninterruptible Power Supply

When do We Use a UPS

Loadshedding is here to stay and is part of our lives whether we like it or not. To overcome loadshedding issues it is a smart idea to think a little out of the box, conjure some clever ways to safeguard equipment, keep staff and workers safe in factories and mines, and in general bear in mind that we can and will overcome the inconveniences that go hand in glove with an unstable utility. 

UPS is one way to make a difference in the way we overcome the inconveniences and damage that can and will occur when the power continuously goes out. 

UPS will protect critical loads when the mains experience problems whether they include complete blackouts or simply spike and dip. A UPS uses a battery which will fill the gap while a generator kicks in – it’s the difference between having enough time to switch off your delicate electronics or machinery in manufacturing plants or other emergencies, thus preventing accidents and at times, fatalities. 

A UPS is one of the most critical investments when buying computer equipment as it protects the hardware and loss of data, although it is wise to switch your systems to the cloud to ensure your data is safe and secure, especially as the power has become something we simply cannot rely on. 

About your UPS and what it does 

  • A UPS provides reliable backup power during unpredictable power issues which will protect both data and the computer equipment connected to it; in turn, it stabilises the electric current when power from the grid is unstable 
  •  A UPS comes in a wide range of sizes and representations that target a variety of electrical devices such as PCs, telescopes, hospital equip, mining equipment and more 
  • Knowing the right one to use is essential for the protection of the equipment you use 

Lighting strikes, particularly in the Highveld during the summer months, could be detrimental to your equipment and usually the biggest threat to your electronics. Surges as a result of lightning strikes or hikes in the grid travel through the wiring into your office or home and moves to your electric equipment damaging your equipment. 

Complete surge suppression will filter out any unreliable voltage that would usually damage equipment.