What Is Eco-Tourism? The Top Five Eco-Friendly Lodges in Africa

Eco-tourism is about leaving your footprints softly on the Earth. The elephants that live around these wild places should leave the only heavy footprints. Source lodges and safari camps when traversing the content of Africa that take eco-tourism seriously. 

Choose safari lodges serious about preserving wildlife. Also, those that support the communities that live in the surrounding areas. Many safari lodges are now raising the bar for responsible stays. 

Choose One of These Five Eco-Friendly Lodges for Your Travels 

  • Why You Should Try Gibbs Farms in Tanzania – A Rare Gem 

Gibbs farm reuses and recycles all waste material. Everyone refers to Gibbs Farm as “Funiland”. You must see the carpenters busy creating works of art from wood scraps. Tailors thread leftover materials into cushion covers. Papermakers mix wastepaper with elephant dung into memorable stationery items. The lodge is eco-friendly from start to finish. 

  • See Community Development at Its Finest at Campi ya Kanzi in Kenya 

Husband and wife team, Luca Belpietro and his wife are owners of the lodge. They have established the Maasai Community Wilderness Trust. This trust cares for thousands of Maasai landowners living around the lodge. The trust has a primary school, employing fifty teachers. There is also a dispensary and three clinics. The trust offers compensation to the locals experiencing livestock losses. This is then traded for predator protection. We can all take a leaf out of the book of these owners.  

  • We Take Being Environmentally Friendly Seriously at Garonga Safari Camp 

Garonga Safari Camp in South Africa was completely overhauled in 2009. Water and sewerage are refiltered for safe reuse. Even game drive vehicles use happy biofuel. 

  • Meno a Kwena, Botswana is Committed to the Environment 

Meno a Kwena has dedicated itself to resolving human-wildlife conflicts. Job creation through land leases and employment opportunities provide the lodge with personnel. For travellers looking for an eco-friendly, , Meno a Kwena is your place. 

  • Singita Pamushana in Zimbabwe Sustains Indigenous Communities 

Discover Singita Pamushana Safari Lodge in the heart of the Malilangwe Reserve, Zimbabwe. The lodge provides employment, education, health, and other opportunities to the community. They feed 23 000 school children daily through community service. 

PHD Powerhouse Sustains the EnvironmentMaking a Difference 

At PHD we are of the belief that we should use what is available to us. South Africa enjoys many days of sunshine throughout the yearWe install solar systems, and by doing so, we take full advantage of this renewable resource. Contact us today for all your Solar needs.