Can I boil my kettle, boot my computer, and watch television from my home UPS unit? The answer is yes. This is 100% dependent on the capabilities of the backup power systems you invest in.

What Backup Power Solutions Do I Need to Run My Home?

With a wide range of units available to run your sensitive equipment, we spoil you for choice. Power outages and load shedding should not put you at a disadvantage. Find smart ways for continuous output power with a long period of backup time at PHD Powerhouse.

You can choose from reliable power supplies such as a UPS, battery band and inverter system, a home solar system, or a generator. The one you choose depends on the backup times you will need power for. For extra long back-up times, a generator or power bank could be ideal. For no switchover time, choose a UPS system.

What Happens to my Computer System When the Power Goes Out?

If I plug my computer into my inverter or UPS system, the power source will continue with no interruption. Your internet connection will continue as before. Any electronic equipment will continue working, including essential appliances with low wattage needs.

There is no need for a noisy generator to survive power failures. The transfer switch on a UPS clicks in automatically.

The national grid is unstable. Ensure you have enough battery capacity to keep every electrical appliance running with a battery bank or UPS for power failures. Our units are true sine wave UPS systems. This translates into no interruptions when the lights go out.

Can I Run Fridges and Freezers Off Home UPS Systems?

Direct current does not differ from the source of power from the grid. All your electrical equipment can easily operate off your uninterrupted power supply. You will not experience a power break, nor will you have any background noise on your electrical equipment. Modified sine wave inverters and UPS systems cause electrical appliances to run noisily.

Will all My Electronic Timers and Clocks Still Work Well?

Your output power from your UPS does not differ from your standard input power. All your power devices run the same. Clocks and timers are not affected. This is vital when recording and using a timer. This is unlike your modified sinewave inverter unit.

Modified sine wave uses older technology, and there could be a change in timers when using it.

Will My Unit Get Damaged Through Overloading? 

Uninterruptible power supplies automatically switch off when overloaded. Removing the responsible connected load will correct the problem immediately. You can tell it’s overloaded if it suddenly switches off when you plug in cell phone chargers or other small load items.

Find Out Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Battery Back-Up Systems

PHD Powerhouse has a wide range of back-up systems for all applications. If you are keen to lower your power consumption, we have the answers for you. Solar power is one solution when going off grid power.

Find out more and contact us today about protecting your electronic equipment. We show you how to keep the lights on.