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Why Do Vampire Appliances Consume Energy Even When Switched Off?

Did you know that getting rid of vampire appliances can save you money? Find out what they are and how to get rid of them in South Africa.

What Are Vampire Appliances and How Do They Work?

Vampire appliances are appliances that use power even when they are switched off. They’re called vampires because they use standby power and can include devices such as your tv, computer, electric clock, and anything with a remote, power light, or timer. Even when you switch them off at the wall socket, they continue to consume electricity!

These electronic devices could contribute to a substantial portion of your power bills. Remove these energy vampires from sockets and unplug them altogether, because they still consume energy. You can enjoy being more energy efficient and having lower energy bills in a few small steps.

When some appliances are switched off and go into standby mode, they still can consume power!

How will I Know Energy is Still Being Consumed?

Check the standby light. If a light is still shining somewhere, the device is still using electricity. As much as 20% of your entire monthly electricity bill could account for vampire appliances. We also refer to vampire power as standby power.

How Does Vampire Power Work?

Every electrical cord that is plugged into a plug socket consumes energy. Ensure you remove everything from a power strip, because it draws power.

Many modern electrical devices are equipped with sleep and standby modes – your computer is a good example. When appliances are in sleep or standby mode, they are using power. These include your cell phone charger, kitchen appliances, your coffee maker, washing machine, video game console, and more.

Power is used to connect remotely, record data, and update information. Remember that sleep mode can still consume energy! The chief cause of energy leaking is because of advanced technology. Power outlets and modern technology can still use excess power.

Did you know your device can still receive signals from remotes when it is in sleep mode? This enables you to power your device on at any given time. Technology is great but it can consume many watts of power. Most offices and homes have devices that consume vampire energy as they come equipped with standby options.

How Will I Know Which Appliances Are Voracious Energy Guzzlers?

  1. Your computer equipment consumes vampire energy, including your charger, modem, router, and more.
  2. PCs are often guilty of standby consumption, including your desktop and laptop.
  3. Satellites and other TV-related boxes are responsible for vampire energy consumption.
  4. TVs that are in “instant on” mode. The bigger the screen of your TV, the bigger the energy consumption.
  5. Sound systems, your coffee machine, digital clock, and alarm clock. Your clock radios, game console, security systems – all of these are greedy energy guzzlers.

3 Signs to Help You Identify the Electrical Devices That Are the Biggest Thieves

  1. When an electrical appliance has a continuous display such as a clock. The digital display is a giveaway!
  2. If an appliance has a remote control, it will continue to consume energy. These energy sucking appliances will consume energy even when unplugged.
  3. When an appliance charges batteries, it will consume energy.

How to Save Power and Beat Vampire Devices

The best way to save power is to unplug vampire devices and pull the plug from the wall. This especially applies to chargers, video games, video consoles, and security systems when not needed.

Use power strips as a power outlet. You can turn off many appliances at once. These include your TVs, garage door openers, microwaves, and computers, as well as other electronics.

Turn off printers, computer equipment, and routers when not in use. Some electrical devices that have an on and off button are almost identical in their use of power. Printers are an excellent example, as they use the same amount of power when switched on or if in standby mode.

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