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Ways To Make Your Warehouse More Energy Efficient

The biggest energy gobblers in any warehouse are temperature control and lightning. Energy control in the form of heating, refrigeration and cooling will impact on your bottom line. By reducing the two biggest energy gobbling culprits, you can make a massive saving in your business. 

Save energy and money while reducing the carbon footprint of your warehousing facility – here’s how: 

Add shading around your warehouse as this will reduce heat and can minimise costs of cooling. 

Forklifts that are battery-operated instead of electrical machinery will reduce the need for added ventilation and reduce the load on exhaust fans, thus saving energy. 

Taking these and other smart steps towards saving energy will make a positive impact on your carbon footprint. 

H2 – Green Energy Saving Hacks for your warehousing facility 

  • Plant trees and greenery around the perimeter of your warehouse instead of using paving and cement slabs. Paving and cement reflect sunlight plus they store heat which can impact on the temperature of your building. Shady trees and shrubs will reduce your cooling bill while making your building and warehouse facility more carbonfriendly 
  • Choose building materials that are within proximity to reduce costs on transportation 
  • Wherever possible use recycled materials such as recycled wood and recycled steel products Support environmentally friendly companies 
  • Battery-powered forklifts will reduce emissions and minimise loads on exhaust fans and ventilation systems. By reducing the load, the lifespan will be increased on these systems which will save you money as you won’t have to replace these systems quite as often 

More tips to save power 

Add partition walls as they will insulate and control temperatures. Insulated partition walls are especially useful for temperatures that are varied across a large warehouse floor space or area. 

Warehouse doors need to be insulated as these will save your warehouse energy. It is essential to insulate warehouse doors; open doors lose energy in any warehouse. Your doors need to be of the high-speed variety (they close quickly),minimising the loss of energy, and they need to be easy to repair. Fast-moving doors that are insulated will put money back into the bank. 


Install air curtains where doors need to be left open. It is of great interest to learn that air curtains can save your business as much as 80% of the energy which is usually lost through an open door. Air curtains are a surprisingly cost-effective method of saving energy in warehouse situations, plus they double up to prevent insects from flying into your warehouse. 

Choose fluorescent lighting over sodium lights and metal halide lights. Fluro lights could save up to 80% on your energy bill. 

Natural lighting is perhaps your most cost-effective solutions for warehousing. Choose glazed skylighting on the north and south-facing walls which will provide excellent natural lighting. It is believed that natural light encourages production and boosts the morale of workers. Choose automated lighting systems for your warehouse to adjust as daylight fades into night. 

There are many ways to reduce the power usage in a business, whether it is a small to medium enterprise (SME) or a large blue-chip company with numerous branchesBy installing solar, using natural resources wherever possible, and installing the right protection for all your devices when the power is unstable will save you in the long run. Shop around for the right systems and protective devices for your business, regardless of size.