keep the lights on during load shedding in south africa

Ways to Keep the Lights on During Load Shedding in South Africa

How can we stay connected in a disconnected world? Use these smart tips.

We are working from home, studying from home, and shopping online. When the lights go down during load shedding, our lives grind to a halt. It is time to do something when we experience a loss of power. Failure to do so could cause a disruption in your daily operations. Eskom has warned us that cuts will be something we are going to deal with as South Africa’s power grid remains under pressure.

Reliability is the key to staying connected in South Africa. What level of efficiency are we seeking when load shedding takes place? Staying connected nowadays is a challenge. We show you how to stay connected, even if Eskom imposes debilitating cuts. All industries will benefit from these tips, regardless of size. We can manage power failures and keep our power on despite load shedding.

A UPS System Can Keep You and Your Small Enterprise Connected

You can keep everything on by protecting your devices. Invest in a program that backs up your data and make sure it saves your work in the cloud to protect your files. This level of efficiency will take your business to the next level and ensure you never lose an important document ever again.

Invest in UPS equipment to prevent damage to your electronic devices. Your UPS battery back-up system is a brilliant way to keep your networking functioning during outages. Install UPS systems for each person to keep functioning. You can also connect certain electrical devices to one UPS system, and the rest to another.

Use one for each of your computers, television sets, and other devices. These usually consume an exorbitant amount of power. Use a smaller UPS system for the balance of your equipment.

Many companies and households have generators to keep operating during an outage. These are run off batteries or fuel, depending on the size and make. Others use solar panels to supplement their power during rotational power cuts like the load shedding we’re experiencing.

Consider Safety First in Your Small Business When the Power Goes Out

You and your team members need to know what to do when load shedding hits. You need to keep the loss of revenue to a minimum. There should be a plan of action in place for emergencies.

Do something smart and keep your lights on. Do more by keeping your internet connection functioning. PHD Powerhouse offers UPS systems that will ensure your network keeps functioning during load shedding.

UPS devices have come a long way. We have created them to maximise your internet connectivity when you experience outages in South Africa. Our backup power and range of batteries will keep you connected. This source of backup power will have enough runtime to ensure you keep functioning.

We’re Here to Help Keep You Connected

PHD Powerhouse offers you a wide range of UPS systems (Uninterruptible Power Supply), and batteries to assist. Keep everything running by applying smart methods. The right size of batteries and devices will keep you up and running for a couple of hours until the power returns.

These power packs will prepare you. We offer a wide range of batteries and UPS sizes. Generators also have their place to keep the lights on. It will all depend on the number of electrical devices you are planning to connect to the UPS system.

Use power banks (portable chargers) to keep you connected. This will ensure it does not affect you during Eskom power outages. Be sure to check your schedule. This will give you the advantage. Blackouts are not pleasant. The more ready you are, the better. Electricity plays an integral part in our lives.


Load shedding, it seems, is here to stay. The question is which system works best for you. Learn more about what we offer by calling us. Let us take a load off your shoulders with device options to suite your needs.