How to Choose the Best UPS Supply Brands for Your Business

There are many UPS supply brands to choose from. Do you know which one suits your business best?
Which UPS should you invest in? What kind of uninterrupted power supplies are available? Will they be enough during a power failure? Find out everything you need to know here.

Choose From PHD’s 3 Excellent Line Interactive UPS Systems.

PHD Powerhouse supplies a wide range of line interactive UPS systems. This is to South Africans from all walks of life. Here are 3 uninterruptible power supply devices on offer at PHD.

All are brilliant choices. Choose one to ensure your lights stay on during a power outage. Ask yourself what kind of backup power will you need? Will the battery power offer peace of mind? The power grid is unstable. We offer solutions for emergency power.

How Do Line Interactive UPS Systems Work?

Line-interactive UPS systems are not dissimilar to reserve UPS systems. The difference is we equip them with multi-tap variable-voltage autotransformers. Line Interactive UPS systems equip electrical devices with battery backup power.

This reliable source of power keeps your PC running. This gives users ample time to save work. Backup power protects sensitive electrical equipment from damages.

This occurs during loss of power. Damages also occur when lightning strikes. Other damages to your sensitive equipment occur during power surges.

What Are the 3 UPS Supply Brands We Offer Businesses?

Power cuts are our new normal. The secret is keeping critical equipment and connected devices safe from unstable input voltage. Getting the right equipment will prove one of your best business decisions this year.

1. T1X Series (Line Interactive UPS System (650 VA–2KVA).

Why invest in the T1X Series? Some advantages include:

  • Reliability during unstable conditions
  • Cost and affordability
  • Automatic voltage regulation
  • Great power capacity for small scale applications

The T1X Series has plenty of outlets, like USB communication facilities and a USB-A port. These ensure mobile devices remain charged.

How it Works

  • You can keep everything running for extended periods with battery power.
  • The device is micro compressor controlled.
  • Transfer time is between 1-6 minutes. Most is 10 minutes. Backup time ranges between 10 and 42 minutes depending on how many devices they plug into the UPS.. This gives users plenty of time to save work during a sudden power loss.
  • Recharge time is 4-6 hours. This allows for plenty of power when the power goes out. Typical recharge time is between four to six hours with a recovery of 90%.
  • Critical applications include full protection overload, discharge, and overcharge protection.
  • There is also an alarm when the battery runs low. The alarm sounds when overloaded.
  • This system is noiseless and can operate in high humidity. 

2. AEC T1 Series–Line Interactive UPS System (700VA–1KVA).

Get excellent performance and dependability with the AEC T1 Series-Line Interactive UPS. This device offers maximum surge and overload protection for the most sensitive electrical device.

  • Automatic voltage regulation for the current load offers peace of mind.
  • It has advanced MCU control technology.
  • Enjoy the compact and stylish presentation. The device is a great option to use in the home office. 
  • This UPS system is well-priced.
  • Enjoy enhanced efficiency.

 3. The AEC T2 Series Line Interactive UPS System (1KVA–3 KVA) 

The AEC T2 Series presents the latest in MCU technology. You can now get more bang for your buck.

  • This UPS system is dependable.
  • It also offers you enhanced surge protection. 
  • Enjoy automatic voltage regulation.
  • The T2 targets users needing protection from unstable power.

Which UPS suits your needs best? To get started, you can calculate how many devices need protecting from unstable power.

Would You Like to Know More About Line Interactive Systems?

PHD Powerhouse will help you find the right Uninterruptible Power Supply for your needs. Our UPS systems are here to keep the lights on and your productivity flowing. Say goodbye to unstable power conditions forever.