UPS Supply Brands

UPS Supply Brands

There are numerous UPS Supply Brands to choose from – the big question is – which one suits your business needs best, and which one will you invest in for your specific business applications? 

PHDs three Line Interactive UPS Systems are all excellent choices; the difference lies in what your individual requirements are and how many devices you will need to keep running when the power goes out. Line-interactive UPS systems are not that different to Reserve UPS systems although they come equipped with a multi-tap variable-voltage autotransformer. 

Line Interactive UPS systems have been designed to equip electrical devices with battery power that is reliable and to keep computers up and running long enough to save work and to protect electrical devices from being damaged when the power goes out or when lightning strikes – protection against dips, surges, hikes and black-outs and brown-outs. 

The three main UPS supply brands that we present to businesses are: 

  • The T1X Series (Line Interactive UPS System (650 VA – 2KVA) 

There are a couple of obvious advantages to investing in this system, which includes reliability, cost-effectiveness, plus it comes equipped with surge and overload protection. The T1X Series has USB communication facilities and is micro compressor controlled. 

Transfer time, typically, is between 1 – 6 minutes, with a maximum time of 10 minutes. Backup time ranges from 10 minutes to 42 minutes, depending on what devices are plugged into the UPS system. Typical recharge time is between four to six hours with a recovery of 90%. 

This brand offers full protection overload, discharge and overcharge protection. There is also an alarm that sounds every ten seconds when the battery runs low; the alarm sounds every couple of seconds when there is an overload on the system. There is also a battery replacement alarm. 

This UPS system is noiseless and can operate in high humidity. 

  •  The AEC T1 Series – Line Interactive UPS System (700VA – 1KVA) 

This Line Interactive UPS System offers excellent performance and dependability, plus it comes equipped with maximum surge and overload protection. 

It has advanced MCU control technology, is compact and stylish which is perfect for small office use. 

The AEC T1 Series Line Interactive UPS is well-priced and offers enhanced efficiency, plus it is sufficiently powerful for desktops, conforming to all the essential safety precautions. It is noiseless offering fast, low voltage protection. 


  • The AEC T2 Series Line Interactive UPS System (1KVA – 3 KVA) 

The AEC T2 Series presents the latest in MCU technology and gives you more bang for your buck. The UPS system is dependable, offering enhanced surge protection. 

The T2 targets users that need protection from unstable power from the utility. This is a reliable system with constant voltage storage. 

Which UPS suits your needs best? The first step in the right direction is to calculate how many devices need protecting from unstable power.