load shedding survival kit

Your Ultimate Load Shedding Survival Kit

Do you wish you had a survival kit when the lights go out? Here’s our ultimate guide.

The lights have gone out – again – and you are wondering how you could make this better? Are you sick and tired of searching for the candles and dying for a cup of tea, but everything works off electricity? It is time to get smart, think outside the box, and compile a clever DIY load shedding survival kit.

Want More Light? Let Your Toolkit Do the Trick.

Don’t get left in the dark when load shedding catches you by surprise!

You need not be left in the dark when load shedding catches you by surprise and leaves you in the dark. Instead, you can put a handy DIY load shedding survival kit together to make it a pleasant experience.

Want to Make Your Very Own? Here’s How:

1. First Aid Kit.

You will need a first aid kit for emergencies. If you or one of your family members or staff has an accident, you will be pleased with this addition.

2. Matches or Lighter.

You have all the candles you need – but do you have matches or a lighter?

3. LED Torch.

First things first, though. You should have an LED torch for the first light source. Battery-powered LED lights and torches will give you enough emergency light. Your family members should each have their own emergency light and torch. Torches and LED lights are far safer than candles.

4. Charge Your LED.

You need to charge your LED lights and torches between bouts of blackouts. And you need spare batteries for battery-powered lights and torches.

5. Candle Stash.

Candles are a pleasant change from harsh lights when taking a leisurely bath or while eating dinner.

6. Primus Stove & Gas Lamp.

Investing in a small gas lamp or primus stove is great for providing warm water for coffee and warm light for conversation.

7. Invest in Power Banks or An Alternative Supply of Power.

Often, you could keep working on your laptop and keep charging your phone without too much expense. Solar power systems and generators are not the only options. Affordable power alternatives like a UPS can make a big difference and won’t cost too much.

Remember to Address These Challenges

  1. You might need to locate your emergency kit in the dark. You will need to keep it within your grasp. Once you’ve checked your load shedding schedule, ensure all your family members know where to find it.
  2. Keep your laptop and phone charged. Should your battery run flat, many LED lights have USB ports. These are significant investments.
  3. Be sure to keep some cash handy and your car’s petrol tank filled. Load shedding could also adversely affect petrol stations and ATMs during power outages.
  4. Keeping your phone charged all the time is important. This is important for emergencies and not only for when the lights go out. Make sure you’ve topped up your airtime.
  5. Don’t let load shedding get you down. Take advantage of spending quality time with your loved ones.

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