Money-Saving Tips For Electricity in the Office

Three Important Things You Need To Know About UPS

It is important to determine how many devices you need to have plugged into your UPS when running a small business or medium enterprise. 

Most SMEs cannot afford to have downtime and loss of revenue, and if this can be avoided altogether, even better. Damage to your computers, modems, phones and other electrical devices puts pressure on the revenue of businesses that are reliant on their electrics. 

Always buy more than you actually need – most burgeoning businesses employ more staff members and need more devices to work on as they expand and grow. 

Here are three important things you need to know about investing in your UPS 

  • Most UPS systems provide protection on some ports only. In many instances, the outlets that are actually powered by the battery will be less than the maximum amount of ports 


  • A much less expensive UPS System can cut expenses by providing power (battery backup power) by supplying between four and six outlets with power; the remaining outlets are left without power. It is best to be aware of the configuration of a cheaper UPS especially when caught unaware when the power goes out. Being forewarned is being forearmed 


  • You need to find out how much power the devices connected to your UPS unit will use. Should the collective amount of power add up to more than the UPS can deliver, they will not work. In most instances, the amount of power that is being supplied is usually stated before the letters “VA” which stands for Voltage Amps. It is advisable to ask your UPS supplier for assistance if you are unsure of the amount of power needed 

Once voltage and wattage have been configured – you should think in terms of how long your office electrics will need to run when the power goes out. Many businesses require UPS systems to save work after the power goes out; then again, other entrepreneurs and small business owners invest in UPS systems to carry on work when the power goes out, which could be in the region of an hour. Many small business owners are thinking smart and doing everything in the cloud, resulting in work being retrieved when needed.