There are Three Types of Domestic Solar Systems to Choose From

Did you know that there are three different types of domestic solar power systems to choose from? You are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting from the wide range of offerings, and for many of us, it all depends on how confident you are regarding going off the grid.

The three types of domestic solar power systems include grid inter-tied, grid inter-tied with a battery backup system, and systems that operate 100% off the grid.

All three systems refer to how they interact with or without traditional electricity obtained from the grid.

There are pros and cons with all three systems.

  •         Grid inter-tied residential solar power systems:

This solar system is directly connected to your residence as well as to your conventional electricity power supplier.

Grid inter-tied systems permit homeowners to obtain power from the utility grid and are able to switch or alternate between grid and solar in a seamless fashion.

The main advantage of the grid inter-tied solar powered system is the capability of pairing the system production and home power requirements perfectly; when the solar system is not producing sufficient power to run the home, power can be drawn directly from the grid.

  •         Grid inter-tied residential solar power systems with battery back-up

The grid inter-tied solar power system is connected to the grid but has a battery back-up system for in case, which really boils down to the system balancing the production of power, whilst protecting the system against any dips and spikes or black-outs and brown-outs from the grid.

  •         Off the grid solar power systems

Off the grid solar power systems are 100% independent and operate self-sufficiently from the utility grid.

This system, however, is dependent on battery power which plays and integral part in the operation of off the grid solar systems, and is especially necessary during periods of extreme production of power and when there is a heightened demand for power.

For all three types of domestic solar power systems it might be advisable to consult with your installer and supplier to find out which one of the three best suits your individual needs and requirements best.