Solar panels

The Positive Effects of Installing Solar

Installing solar onto the roof of your small business or home office is essentially turning your home or business into your own mini power plant. Once installed you will be able to generate renewable energy thus reducing your power bills or eliminating your electricity costs entirely. 

Many businesses are experiencing difficulties as the lockdown starts easing off, as so many have not been able to trade or carry on with their normal daily activities. Depending on what industry you are in you could be experiencing a tightening of your budget and having to find smart ways of saving money wherever possible. 

Whether it is subletting office space and downsizing or working from home office, there has been a definite shift in the way we are all looking at running our businesses regardless of size or what we do to put the proverbial crust on the table. 

One of the biggest money guzzlers is power when running an office whether it is a home office, factory, retail outlet, office, restaurant, hairdressing or beauty salon or other; suffice to say, we are all feeling the pinch and need to resume business and cut out expenses wherever possible 

Did you know that you can get a tax rebate from the government if you install solar? This might be the way moving forward. Being independent of the grid is smart thinking as the power grid continues to hike prices and as we continuously experience outages. 

It might cost you a nominal amount upfront to install solar, but before you know it you would have recouped all your monies in saving electricity in a relatively short space of time. 

Going solar will save you far more than installing solar and saving on electricity bills. There are numerous other financial benefits that will determine how solar can save your business money on power bills. 

  • Your business will be spared the astronomical hikes that we are subjected to every year 
  • Solar will increase the value of your home if you are installing solar for a home office,or anywhere else where solar is installed 
  • Take full advantage of the tax rebates you get when installing solar 

If there is one thing you should do, it is to save on power once your business is up and running and we can function and trade once again, even though the world will be forever changed. One thing that would never change is saving on costs wherever we can. At PHD Powerhouse we can advise you on the most befitting solar systems to suit your needs best.