South Africans are facing huge power challenges as the grid takes strain. Finding smart ways to keep the lights on throughout bouts of load shedding is vital.

PHD has come to the rescue by offering me solutions. I am extremely grateful to have a backup system that kicks in the minute the power goes off. Without my inverter, I would be at a complete loss.

The excellent service PHD has given me has made a world of difference. I no longer have long, dark hours of inactivity.

Thank you, PHD for keeping my world functioning during South Africa’s dark days. An inverter is a smart solution. This is especially the case as I work online.

Working from home could prove difficult. Especially without efficient internet and power to keep everything charged. I cannot describe the relief the first time my inverter helped me carry on working.

I recommend all South Africans invest in this most invaluable device. As Eskom continues to struggle to keep us functioning, an inverter is a must and not a want.

If we could all go the solar route, this would solve a huge amount of power issues all South Africans face.

Rising electricity costs, blackouts, and load shedding. These all leave us anxious as we face a long, dark future in South Africa.

South Africa enjoys many sunshine days. It is surprising we have not gone the solar route decades ago using the free power source available. Most of us enjoy many sunshine days throughout the year.

This renewable source of power is the answer to all our future power struggles.

Don’t balk at the cost of installing a solar system. The installation costs of a solar system will soon bear fruit. Before you know it, you will get every penny back. And some. Solar is the difference in having power in the future or not for many South African households.

Low-cost housing projects are choosing the solar system route. If you are building a new home, think solar when factoring in costs into your building budget.

I am pleased I opted for a solar system. Solar is the only solution. Why don’t you, like me, take full advantage. We enjoy the beautiful free sunshine. Let’s use it to our advantage. Choosing solar and independence from the grid is a wise choice. Even a partial independent system could prove useful and lower costs.

PHD Powerhouse saved the day with Household Surge Protection. We know South Africa for its high incidence of lightning strikes.

According to experts, one bolt of lightning has the capacity to constitute a nuclear power station and is the biggest threat of the summer season yet to come.

Don’t let your sensitive electronic equipment fall prey to lightning strikes. The Highveld region is especially volatile during the high summer season. Not protecting your electronic equipment with household surge protection is unwise.

Damage caused by surges either from the utility or lightning could add up to quite a tidy sum. PHD protects you from unnecessary expenses and damages to your expensive equipment.

I’m so glad I shopped for household surge protection from PHD. I now have peace of mind knowing my electronics are safe from surges.I decided not to take unnecessary risks.