Switch Mode Rectifier


What are switch mode modifiers and how do they work? Find out everything you need to know here.

What Are Switch Mode Rectifiers?

Switch mode rectifiers are electrical devices that convert Alternating Current to Direct Current (AC to DC). They have one or more diodes (a device with two terminals). These permit a one-directional flow of current.

People have been using switch mode rectifiers for decades. We know them best for their power efficiency. They offer an improved control technique that allows you to power devices more efficiently. Switch mode rectifiers also present extra benefits and features for specific current protection requirements.

Switch Mode Rectifiers and Advanced Technology

Switch mode rectifiers are significantly more advanced than transformer rectifiers. They use high-frequency devices to supply voltage. The result is a greater response, efficiency, and enhanced service life, for better energy management control and lower costs.

Typical Applications of Switch Mode Rectifiers

We typically use switch mode cathodic protection rectifiers for corrosion protection in systems. These include tank farms, pipelines, and structures at risk of corrosion. Most applications that use DC currents have switch cathodic rectifiers.

Typical Features of Switch Mode Rectifiers

  • Automatic PID output feedback control for constant current and voltage regulation.
  • You can choose a switch mode rectifier from a wide range of models.
  • Another key feature of switch mode rectifiers is their heavy-duty power correction feature.
  • They present a wide range of output voltages.
  • Switch mode rectifiers have a high frequency for greatest efficiency.
  • They have better operating temperatures. More so than transformer rectifiers.
  • Rectifiers need less copper.
  • Switch mode rectifiers present single-phase efficient rectification.
  • Designs are lightweight, and they have a lower carbon footprint.

Advantages of Switch Mode Power Rectifiers

Switch mode power supplies boast the finest quality and compact design. You can use a wall, modular or rack design. The package is smaller. Overall, you can enjoy a neat and discreet configuration.

You save electrical costs with a switch mode rectifier. The reason is they are more cost effective than conventional SCR units. The power consumption is far less.

You get less current ripple with high-switching frequency. You get a current control high-current DC output with <2% AC Vrms content. High efficiency provides a faster control loop.

How your Switch Mode Rectifiers Works

  • Switch mode DC power supplies solid state AC power to DC power. The arrangement operates by correcting AC input voltage to unfettered DC voltage.
  • Rectifiers cut the transitional DC voltage. They do this by using pulse-width modulation through an H-bridge rectifier into a high-frequency transformer.
  • Output transformers correct output current. They filter for an exact controlled high-current output.

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