Surge Protection

Nine Things You Should Know When Choosing Surge Protection

Because surge protection is an inexpensive way to protect your electrical equipment against power surges and dips, brown-outs and blackouts, everyone should think about being protected.

As their name implies, surge protection prevents voltage spikes from entering a device such as a computer or other electrical equipment and applications.

Surge protectors are not made equally

Surge protectors offer some protection against power spikes – the level of protection varies quite substantially from one unit to the next.

Are your electrical appliances insured against power dips and spikes?

Check the fine print on your insurance schedule – it is not a guarantee that appliances are protected by your insurance if they suffer damage as a result of dips and spikes.

The secret lies in the Joules

Protection offered by surge protectors is measured in Joules – and in general, the more Joules the merrier.

It is a good idea to get more outlets than you will ever need

The chances are high that you will always require more power outlets as time goes by – so instead of getting only a couple of outlets, rather go all out and get the max as this could prove to be a win in the long run.

No such thing as a Surge Protector conditioning your devices

Many Surge Protectors hold the promise to condition the power from the wall, improving performance in your electrical device – but your device and equipment does this anyhow.

All electrical equipment have a power supply that takes the incoming current, filters it for noise, and then coverts it for whatever is required – you don’t need a power conditioner.

Don’t forget the phone and modem

Electrical spikes and dips also affect your phone and other lines – ensure you protect these from dips and spikes, too.

Your Surge Protection will wear out over time

Nothing lasts forever – and surge protectors are certainly no exception. Some surge protectors offer a built-in warning, although there are many that won’t. Changing your surge protector if you have experienced a massive loss due to lightning strikes or power surges is never a bad idea.

A USB Connection makes sense

Some Surge Protectors are equipped with USB connection for charging various devices such as your tablet or your mobile phone or PC – ensure that the output amp rating is sufficient.

A power strip for “just in case” is a good idea

A power strip is good enough as a travelling option, although this does not offer very much protection. Because needs differ – the secret when choosing a Surge Protector is to think of your needs as a whole.